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No GravatarWe all as of March 1, 2017, it has been revealed by several sources who had the Nintendo Switch console in hand, that it does, in fact, use friend codes to add new players to their friend list. The friend codes are part of the Nintendo Network ecosystem because of the New Nintendo 3DS/3DS handhelds. People seem to have forgotten that fact.

Here is the friend code input screen courtesy of Eurogamer.

The friend code input screen is updated from the 3DS version. Now, this may seem like a step back for some. That is not the case. Now with the My Nintendo service, you can now link your Nintendo Network ID to social media services like Facebook, Twitter, and Google. You can know add your friend Tiffany through social media and no friend codes. Easy Peasy!! Also if you play Super Mario Run, Miitomo, or Fire Emblem Heroes, you can add your friends to the Nintendo Switch as well.

Your Profile page showing the number of friends and games in your library.


The world can calm down now. Hopefully, you will realize even though Nintendo has made some mistakes, they are trying to make things less complicated with The Nintendo Switch. We will update this as the console is released.

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No GravatarNintendo announced today that the Wii U’s  Wii Street U service will be discontinued on March 31 of this year.. They made the announcement via Twitter.


Nintendo then put out a full statement here


Discontinuation of Wii Street U powered by Google

We sincerely thank you for your continued support of our company’s products and services. We would like to remind Wii U owners that as previously announced, the Wii Street U powered by Google service will be discontinued on March 31st 2016, at 23:59 local time. Once the service is discontinued, this software will not be usable.

To prepare for this, the software will be removed from Nintendo eShop at 23:59 local time on January 31st 2016. Users who have already purchased the software will be able to re-download it until 23:59 local time on March 31st 2016.

We apologise to those of you currently using this service, and we ask for your understanding as we focus our resources in other areas.


Our thoughts: Sad to see this go. Did you use it at all? If so what did you like about it and what did you not like? Let us know in the comments below.

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 “Watches are good at telling time but, imagine having useful, actionable information there precisely where you need it automatically,Today we are announcing that Android is extending to wearables”

-David Singleton Director of engineering, Android

Watch out Samsung, we know that your original Galaxy Gear didn’t fair so well in the market and at this moment Galaxy Gear 2 cleaned up some missteps but, Google has decided to show you a seemingly better way in doing things. Don’t get me wrong, you rock in making phones and tablets and it sure is odd that good ole google sure isn’t even shaking your tree a little bit but, check this thing out…

Crisp UI, Sleek bezel & band designs.

Crisp UI, Sleek bezel & band designs.

If first looks could kill I’m sure the death recipient would have a smile on its face. Google’s Android Wear will be hitting our stores “later this year” infused with Big G’s very own Operating System. Android Wear will be buddying up with partners such as; Asus, HTC, LG, Motorola, and Samsung… HOLD ON, Samsung? Oh Google, you sly dog you. Now the upcoming wearable technologies coming from the search engine/E-mail client giant will really be interesting.

“To bring this vision to life we are working with consumer electronics manufactures, chip makers and fashion brands who are committed to fostering an ecosystem of watches in a variety of styles, shapes and sizes “

-David Singleton Director of engineering, Android

I would really like to now know whom is the company that created the device(s) announced by Google? Like these bezel designs of these Android Wear watches.

With Google App integration

With Google App integration throughout these badboys should fly off the stores shelves.

Alex Faaborg Designer, Android elaborated on the newly designed custom UI that all the Android wearable devices will have embedded in them stating…

“(The UI) is based around voice and contextual information that’s reactive to your surroundings… it has to be incredibly fast, incredibly glanceable. There is only two components: Information that is most relevant to you and the ability to speak to it and do a quick command.”

Recently Announced Motorola's  Moto 360

Recently Announced Motorola’s Moto 360

Weather, calendar information, important meetings, integrated GPS locating where you are, how far you are from a scheduled meeting and how long it will takes you to arrive there will be incorporated in these devices. Things that are most important to you will roam around with you all over the place like checking your favorite sports teams scores on games you cannot view at that time. You can also respond naturally to messages received simply by speaking to Google Now  “Reply” and say whatever that needs to be relayed to your contact and then it automatically send out your message. GPS services also can be initialized on the fly by asking google to search nearby locations for you like ” OK, Google find nearby movie theatres” and swiftly and accurately the device will find them just like that.

LG's recently announced "G-Watch"

LG’s recently announced “G-Watch”

It was not mentioned if the wearables will be tethered to your smartphones like Samsungs Galaxy Gear series time will only tell as more information trickles out closer to the launching of these devices. I can say for sure if these Android wearables can be independant of the smart phones i definitely would love to have one of these pretty puppies. Even still what Google officially announced yesterday is still a great advancement in wearable technologies and thats always a great thing. Stay tuned for updated information on Android Wear & other geekery here at





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No GravatarGoogle Smart Contact Lens


Google announced a new venture:  Smart Contact Lens.  These lens would help those that suffer from Diabetes with measuring their glucose levels, even when the wearer forgets.  This is in an attempt to help people monitor their glucose levels without a lot of disruption, without the pain, and without the time consumption.

The contact lens consist of two layers of soft contact lens with chips and sensors between these two layers.  The project is still in its early stages, so it may be awhile before we see this on the market.  Although they have completed clinical research studies, there’s still much to be done and test.  There are also other ideas that they are taking into consideration like LED lights to warn that glucose levels are too high or low.  They are communicating with the Food and Drug Administration throughout this process.

The leaders on this project are Brian Otis and Babak Parviz.

Source: Google’s blog post

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No GravatarHey everyone, remember this little incident with two pieces of legislation called SOPA and FIFA that made several Internet giants and many other smaller websites including ours mad enough to protest and engulf the Internet in a black sea of rage?

blackout wikipediablackout reddit

Well imagine this time there’s “changes” that will be made to laws that can end up threatening the Internet liberty countries all around the world, especially ones that have people without freedom to express themselves offline. The United Nations is planning to hold a meeting in December lovingly entitled The World Conference on International Telecommunications to make changes to the International Telecommunications Regulations which permits us to have the Internet we know of now. Countries have already been reported to hold meetings out of the public eye to discuss possible amendments that would impose Internet regulations. It is a very real threat.

How will the Internet react this time around? It is not known but when the time comes we’ll show just  how powerful we are. Google has taken the incentive to lash out, help them out. And more importantly, start spreading the news to your online friends. We’ve done it once before and we’ll do it again. Wherever from you are reading this, undoubtedly from the Internet in some shape or form, you have the ability to speak out against it now, use it before it’s too late.

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No GravatarGoogle, as the wonderfully innovative company it is, has gone back in time to an era where everything was much simpler and grainier. The introduction of the Quest option in Google maps creates an 8 bit map of our world with a rather uncanny resemblance.

Unknown by many people, Tokyo is actually a giant castle.

As you can see, Google Maps new creation has all the options of a regular google map with a twist reminiscent of the NES era. You can get directions, zoom in, zoom out, and even use street view. An 8 bit street view of course!

Here’s an 8 bit view of Mizucon’s new convention center!

The parking lot and convention center, hidden among the trees.

Then one of Chibi-Pa’s new location!

It looks even better inside!

And since I’m classy, the Eiffel tower.

Simply beautiful.

So take a moment to explore and enjoy Quest,  you might just be pleasantly surprised.