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No GravatarI don’t really know where to start with Happy Wars because I love this game.

Happy Wars is a game available for free to anyone with an Xbox Live Gold membership, but for those not so fortunate it’s available for download on Xbox Live.


The game centers around the idea there are two kingdoms who fight every day for very stupid reasons, which is good enough for me. The game doesn’t take itself too seriously and is pretty funny (inappropriate jokes inserted). Because there’s no real story to get involved in and it just allows the player to enjoy himself. You see your character from a third person view as he faces off against enemies from the other kingdom and that is the layout of the entire game. Happy Wars arrow shower

There are 3 classes to choose from, warrior, mage, and cleric. All of them have the ability to use a combat weapon, which is good for bashing enemies to death once you’ve cornered them, but they all have their own special skills. The warriors have special fighting moves. Mages have the ability to use magic to fight and can even enchant their teammate’s or their own melee weapon which increases their damage. Clerics can build multiple objects. The cannon and ballista are used to shoot at enemies and you can use build either a ladder or battering ram to infiltrate into the enemy’s castle. Not only can clerics do that, but they can also heal and resurrect other players. Sadly they only have melee to defend themselves, but they are vital to a team in huge brawls when your allies are dying left and right.

As basic as the game is you have the option to play in story mode or in multiplayer. In multiplayer you can either face of against AI or with real people, but be warned when playing against others, the server is experiencing some difficulties so if it takes time to get into a match. If you want some of that story mode you’ll need to spend some time in multiplayer anyways. You can’t get to the next level until you reach a certain level by gaining “Happy Stars.” Ultimately story mode focuses on different objectives depending on what stage you’re in. In multiplayer the white and black team face off against each other until one team’s big tower (in their castle) is completely destroyed or one team has the most towers remaining.

I like Happy Wars because I often have to think about what to do so my team can advance, so I often switch classes depending on what is needed at the time. As simple as the game seems it requires a decent amount of effort, and I get a happy feeling whenever my team wins or I beat a stage in hard. As you level up you earn more weapons your character becomes better and weapons can even be combined. Your character is also customizable, but it’s a minor enjoyment in comparison to the gameplay. The scenery is so pretty and colorful you can’t help but become submerged in it and despite it’s simplicity it’s a game worthy of sharing with your Xbox Live friends.

All in all, I give Happy Wars5/5.