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No GravatarQuantic Dream, creators of Heavy Rain and Indigo Prophecy, take a baseball bat to our hearts and grand slams it out of the park. Beyond: Two Souls is a PS3 exclusive starring Ellen Page, who plays Jodie that has a cursed gift of thanks to her supernatural friend Aiden, and Willem Dafoe, a scientist who specializes in the paranormal. With a game that is jam-packed with emotion, stories, ominous soundtrack, and the perfectly placed thrills, it’s easy to understand why
we’re all hooked on it.

Jodie (Ellen Page) and Nathan (William Dafoe) running through an experiment.

Jodie (Ellen Page) and Nathan (Willem Dafoe) running through an experiment.

Quantic Dream is well known for their incredibly accurate graphics, which makes this game all the more personal. Every pore, snowflake, and texture in fabric is discernible, and quite frankly, it’s really gorgeous to watch. Despite its greatness that myself and my peers rate it, others have their gripes. Although it has the classic Quantic Dream feel and controls, it’s nothing like you’ve ever played before.

A few facts need to be straightened out: Beyond is not a video game, and for those who have played it will understand what that means. This is more of an interactive movie. Here are a few key features to note:

You can’t decide your fate. Yes, QD has taken away the ability to have this game end alternate ways. However, the game leads you to believe that it does due to the amount of options you have with what and who you interact with. You can choose what to wear, what to cook, what to say, etc. There are certain scenes where bad things happen, and you have the choice to take revenge or walk away.

Linear… well… a lot of things. This one is a double-edged feature. This is an interactive movie, after all; the ending will end the way the creators designed it. The sequence of certain scenes will unravel in the same way. When you have control over Jodie or Aiden or any other character, it doesn’t matter what you choose or what you say. That’s also the game’s biggest issue. All that aside, the game makes up for it in many other ways.

Whiplash. Even though the game has so much charm (honestly, it does), it does leave you feeling a bit dazed because it’s not told in chronological order. Jodie tells you this in the beginning, so at least we had fair warning. However, once you finish the game, you can play it in chapter order which will then help you rearrange your thoughts and the story. Maybe you’ll decide a different choice, anywhere ranging from getting revenge to what to wear for your date.

Homeless, hungry, and cold Jodi during her homeless years.

Homeless, hungry, and cold Jodi during her homeless years.

Likable characters. The characters you interact with, I feel, are perfectly executed. Page and Dafoe aside (because honestly, they could never do any wrong), the other main characters each have their own personality, and you see many different sides of them, even if it’s a character you interact with for one chapter. Jodie has just the right amount of sarcasm, wit, charm, and bad-assery that makes her a great lead role. Dafoe woos you with his sincerity and a shocking lack of ulterior motives, which you would expect when dealing with a girl like Jodie.

A great story. While Beyond is practically like Insidious, except without the focus on horror, the game is original. You have a girl whose powers are almost limitless, and somehow Quantic Dream creates a game that is all-encompassing fun, thrills, somewhat comedic, tragic and emotional, and action-packed. The perfectly placed thrills are what makes the game, in my opinion. When you’re dealing with the supernatural, you typically end up with a horror movie, or a comedy like Ghostbusters. If it’s neither one of them, it’ll probably be a flop. Not this time; Quantic Dream really knows what they’re doing.

Overall… It’s a great game and a must play.

Every game has it’s good and bad qualities (except for The Last of Us, which was pure perfection, in this reviewer’s opinion), and gamers will definitely feel hooked and connected to each character on a deep level. You’ll choke, you’ll giggle, you’ll feel content, you’ll be bored sometimes, and you’ll even take a deep breath during the more scary moments; Quantic Dream will cater to all the feels.

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No GravatarWhoa, 2010 just flew right by. I don’t even remember what I was doing in January. Actually, I was probably playing games all night as usual. Ahh, good times. My top 10 is quite different as I don’t usually go for AAA titles, but here’s my list.

10- Bioshock 2

I freaking love the Bioshock series ever since I played the first one (when it finally released on the PlayStation 3) and I’ve been hooked on Plasmids ever since. It’s a bit different than the first, but it does have its charm with the whole Big Sister thing and I definitely can’t wait for Bioshock: Infinite.

9- Heavy Rain

I love movies and I love video games. Why not mix the two? This game has a lot going for it because I’m sure a lot of people can appreciate a good mystery and Heavy Rain definitely will keep you guessing until the very last moment. It’s a great game and I would love to see a sequel from Quantic Dream if they ever decide to do such thing. (They better)

8- Resident Evil 5: Gold Edition

Who doesn’t like going on a killing spree with a wide variety of weapons? You should because it’s a lot of fun especially when you’re playing with someone else (not AI controlled) so you can actually complete objectives. Oh, and amazing boss battles. That’s always a plus.

7- Super Scribblenauts

I simply loved this game because it’s so simple and that the gameplay is really fun and will keep you occupied for a long time. You can even come out with crazy outcomes. For example I summoned god and tried to give him a cupcake, but I accidentally threw it at him and he killed me. It was hilarious!

6- Sonic the Hedgehog 4

I’m not sure why I’m including this game, but it’s Sonic and it’s highly addictive even though lately I tend to think that Sega doesn’t really know what their fans want, but whatever. I like collecting rings and chaos emeralds all the same, besides, Sonic has green eyes now. How futuristic.

5- Pokémon Black

I’ll say it now that I’ll love Pokémon until the day I die no matter how much new Pokémon they add. They always find a way to change a few things and add new features that will have people who have played the first games back to ‘catch em’ all’ Although there are well over 500 Pokémon, I can honestly say that I can name at least 90% of them and I’m proud of it.

4- Bejeweled 3

I can really appreciate a good puzzle game and Pop Cap has done it again with Bejeweled 3. It’s a great time waster that literally anyone can pick up and play. They’ve added a few new interesting modes that are frustratingly fun and I’ll always come back to it for more!

3- God of War III

Oh my god. So much blood! Kratos is meaner than ever. It’s funny, I’m able to complete God of War III on normal, yet I can’t even finish God of war I & II on easy. They’re still on my list of games to finish, but anyway I know the whole story and the game was action packed from beginning to end. I hope there will be some kind of interesting spin-off that I could play as well.

2- Super Meat Boy

At first I was like “Oh another platformer, how nice.” But then I bought it and my eyes bled sitting at my computer trying to get an A+ on ever level. This game is so awesome! I love playing as Meat Boy, Commander Video and Jill. I can’t wait to unlock Steve (Mr. Minecraft) it’ll just get better and better! The Mac version as well as level editor is going to be coming out soon so I’ll be on the lookout since I do most of my gaming on my MacBook Pro until I can get my PC setup.

1-.Super Street Fighter IV

This game has literally taken all my time. I remember when I was like “how do you do a hadouken?” But now I think it’s safe to call myself a pretty good player of the game. It’ll never get old. I can’t wait for the Arcade Edition to be sent as DLC to the console version. Oh, and Street Fighter III 3rd Strike Online edition! I’m a huge Capcom fan!

My top characters in the game would be Dan, Blanka, Seth, and sometimes Vega. Some say they are hard to use characters, but I try my best and sometimes the turnout is great! They just need to put Hugo on Street Fighter IV and I’ll be happy for the rest of my life!

These are my top 10 games of 2010. 2011 is just a few days away and it’s only going to get better from here on out! Happy gaming and happy holidays to all you gamers out there!

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With these top 10 games, you don’t have to worry about sending that gift back or returning it because the moment that crosses your mind, it’s a sign that you shouldn’t be playing games anyway.

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No GravatarHeavy Rain is a PlayStation 3 exclusive intense interactive thriller game set in a waterlogged city with a murky past.

Let’s not beat around the bush. I’ll get this off my chest before saying anything else about this game. There is nothing wrong with interactive video games! Yes, you’ll be watching some of the time, but that isn’t always everything. They are structuring the idea that there are others ways to play a game rather than getting a few headshots. The main draw of this game is that you build a relationship with the characters and you want to see them go down the right path, but it’s easier said than done. You can’t go down such a path and not run into complications, which is exactly where this game receives its charm.


You alternate between four main characters in this game:

Scott Shelby, a retired police officer who is currently working on his own as a private investigator trying to solve the mystery of the Origami Killer.
Madison Paige, a photojournalist who has sleeping problems. She tries to solve her problem by checking into motels- that is usually the only time she can actually get sleep.
Norman Jayden, an FBI profiler who was sent to help the local police force with the Origami Killer case. He struggles with his triptocaine drug addiction that gets in his way of work.
Ethan Mars, an architect who lived with his wife and two sons before losing one in an accident. His wife left him so he now lives alone, depressed with the loss of his older son, but still sees his younger son, Shaun who he looks after once in a while.
The Origami Killer has struck again; only it’s the son of Ethan Mars. He already lost his first son and losing another would completely drive him over the edge. He has to follow the breadcrumbs of the origami killer in order to find his son before he is killed. This is no easy task for Ethan, as he must complete various tasks set up by the killer himself to get clues as to where his son may be.

I was very impressed with the way Quantic Dream created this game. Within the first 5 minutes of playing the game you’ll be drawn in and after that, there’s no escape. You’ll play more and more wanting to find out what happens next, to what character and how they
will react to it. Switching characters is done through chapters. Once you have completed a certain goal in the level you will move on to another character. The loadings screens even show different characters showing you the amount of detail they put into the game. During gameplay there are tons of ways to complete the level. When your person is faced with a decision, you can hear the characters thoughts by pressing L2, which brings you an even closer connection to the person you are playing as. After reading listening to their thoughts you can choose to make any decision you like, but choose wisely as every decision can have a pro as well as a con.

Madison looking out the window

The graphics really show what the PlayStation 3 is capable of. In the Heavy Rain demo, you can see the amount of detail they have implemented in this game. This game really shines when you and your character are outside in the pouring rain. It looks very real even when the rainwater soaks the characters. My only argument with the game was that there is so much rain in the outside environments of this game, but there was no water when a character was washing his/her hands in the sink. I found it to be weird since they’ve used so much water in other places of the game that they didn’t bother with water coming out of the faucet.

The controls of the game are actually pretty neat. I remember when the demo came out and I was a little bit hazy about using R2 to walk. Me, as well as any other gamer might find this a bit awkward at first, but once you get into the groove of the game it won’t be a problem at all. The camera angle is somewhat fixed so it’s nothing like Uncharted where you can pretty much look wherever you want. The only downside is that you would sometimes have to walk in a certain direction to see more. Turning the characters head doesn’t expand what you can see as much as I thought it would.

The left analog stick is used to look around which works so smoothly. They really managed to make good use of the DualShock Sixaxis controller. There are many examples of the game where you had to move your controller a certain way, to shaking frantically to get out of a tricky situation. This was well done and other PlayStation exclusives should do the same.

The game has also received a PlayStation Move update allowing you to use the Move wand for even more motion controls. I’ve yet to try it, but I will be picking up the PlayStation Move soon, so I can re-experience the game with movement controls.

In terms of difficulty you don’t have to worry about missing the button pressing too much. I consider myself to be somewhat of a casual gamer but my first play through was on the hardest difficulty. There are still ridiculously easy parts to play so I don’t think you will have to play easy mode. Its funny, I was playing on hard mode and they made drinking orange juice so easy. All you had to do was shake your controller (to shake the box) and push the right stick up. If you fail to do that correctly he’ll just stare at the box of juice in his hand with an expressionless look on his face

This game features 22 different endings so that tells you that depending on the choices you make in the game can alter the grand finale. If the character you’re playing dies, it’s over for that character. However, you can still continue to play the game with the other characters to reach another specific ending depending on the choices you’ve made. This gives great replay ability to gamers who want to know everything that could have happened in a situation a character is in. It’s fun to replay a level again choosing to do different tasks and see how the character will respond to it as well as see what the character starts thinking about.

I think it’s safe to say that Heavy Rain is a masterpiece for the PlayStation 3. The game will take you for a ride on an emotional roller-coaster with your own steering wheel. You make the choices and you deal with the consequences.

I highly recommend Heavy Rain to anyone who enjoys a good mystery to solve. It’s definitely worth the money because you’ll keep playing it to see if you missed anything the first, second or even third play through.

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No GravatarHeavy Rain for the PS3 is the best example for which way things in the gaming industry are heading. The tense interactivity and incredible story requiring the player to push the story one way or the other, are prime example of where companies should be heading. This is the ideal future for this industry considering how much fluff that doesn’t even utilize every aspect of the PS3’s capability are out there. Metal Gear Solid 4 shows what can be done when pushing the machine to it’s limits just as Heavy Rain shows what can be done when controls mean something and mistakes don’t mean you just back up and try the jump again. In heavy rain mistakes can cost you your life and the story will just keep going.

The bar has been raised but will the industry try to exceed it? It looks like the answer is no, but I do not wish to prejudge but I have yet to see the next “wow” game. Notice I didn’t say i saw nothing good just not anything that makes me stare like a 5 year old at Disney World. We shall see what the future holds and if the designers can get the studios to release something with more effect that random game part 6.

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