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No Gravatardead


Every now and then a game comes along with a fantastic trailer. A trailer that hits all the right notes and makes you feel like the game will be amazing, a must play experience. And then the game actually comes out…..and is one of the worst games you ever played. Chasing Dead seemed like it would be a game that would be amazing aside from the graphics but falls so short that I’m still climbing out of the hole I wish I could have thrown this game.

My first complaint is of course the graphics, they are sub par and I don’t even mean bad compared to AAA games. I mean they are terrible by indie game standards. The visuals suffer severe slowdown at times with a framerate dropping to single digits and I am not exaggerating.

Complaint two. The controls were incredibly awkward. They went from being hypersensitive one moment to being non-responsive the next. In an FPS this is incredibly bad and at time I could not even play the game because of it. Even when it was working, the gameplay would glitch out constantly making the time I spent playing seem pointless.

Complaint three. Nothing worked right. I would shoot an enemy point blank and they wouldn’t react or get hit. I got killed several times because I could not hit the enemy due to poor detection on the game’s part, but the enemies could hit me just fine. This most likely was not designed to make the game harder but was an error that just made things unnecessarily difficult.

Complaint four. This game seemed to want to be 90’s style cool in all the wrong ways and appealing to the wrong kind of nostalgia for the 90’s. Instead of reminding me of the good parts of that decade, it just made me think of all the dorky and wannabe parts. The parts that really should have been left alone.

I honestly cannot think of anything positive to say about this. And to further insult the people who did buy this day 1, the game got a massive price drop on the Wii U eshop almost immediately. Its 9.99 now and I cannot recommend it in good conscience. 2020 Venture has said that a lot more content will be coming in future patches. I wouldn’t really bother and would rather they fix the problems instead.

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No GravatarCapcom has announced that resident Evil 4, 5 and 6 are coming to PS4 and Xbox One starting in March with 6, Summer for 5 and Fall for 4.


You can check out the trailer below



Our thoughts? These look good and we hope that Resident Evil 7 gets announced sooner rather than later.


You can watch the announce trailer below.