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Jungle Rumble Mofongo Tribe monkey

  An epic quest for freedom, happiness, and bananas. This is just a short sum of Disco Pixel’s first upcoming mobile game Jungle Rumble. Disco Pixel is the creation of Trevor Stricker, a video game industry veteran who decided to use his talent to create fun, one of a kind games. Jungle Rumble is still in […]

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Imagine waking up alone in your apartment with no recollection of recent events and only a mere idea of who you actually are. This is the desperate situation you find your character in when entering the world of Decay. One of the greatest successes of Swedish developer horror game, Shining Gate Software’s Decay is the […]

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Located in Quebec, Canada, Sarbakan Game Studio has finally launched it’s own web site and has signed an agreement with a multinational company to release two Kinect titles. This independent game developer has worked on several online projects as well as working with Microsoft to create the XBLA title, “Lazy Raiders”. With over twelve years […]