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No GravatarHello, this is for all the newbie Internet artists who want to begin drawing Rule 63, but don’t know how to. Don’t worry, I here have a comprehensive set of guidelines that’ll turn you into a 63 pro in no time.

1. Make sure your female version has the character’s eye and hair color: That’s all you need to do. There’s no need to worry about creating a visage with a likeness to that of the male counterpart as long as you have these two covered.

Rule 63 Spongebob

Spongebob doesn’t have hair but this might just work. 

2. Keep them young: Who wants to see your 60 year old male character’s 60 year old female version? No one. So make sure they look like they’re teenagers or in their thirties at most.

Rule 63 Ganon

3. Give them big boobs: This is the best way to show they’re females and not males. Guys don’t have boobs.

4. Regardless of the male’s body make sure they’re always skinny: Because girls can’t be fat you know. You also can’t have those boobs mistaken for those found on fat guys.

Bad Rule 63 Mario

5. Give them skimpy outfits: It doesn’t matter if the male is wearing something covering him from neck to toes and in their universe they always wear armor to not get shot/stabbed/sliced/etc, you need to show it’s a female by giving her a tiny outfit.

Luffy Soro and Sanji as Rule 63

Obviously this is a joke article. If you’re offended by this good, that means I touched upon the sad truth about most rule 63 drawings. If you really want to draw a female version, have the decency to at least make them resemble like the male. Everyone likes sexy, but when my searches come up with over 90% stuff I wouldn’t show my mom it’s time to cool off. Either way may you all have a good day, and inspire to be original!

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No GravatarHey everyone, remember this little incident with two pieces of legislation called SOPA and FIFA that made several Internet giants and many other smaller websites including ours mad enough to protest and engulf the Internet in a black sea of rage?

blackout wikipediablackout reddit

Well imagine this time there’s “changes” that will be made to laws that can end up threatening the Internet liberty countries all around the world, especially ones that have people without freedom to express themselves offline. The United Nations is planning to hold a meeting in December lovingly entitled The World Conference on International Telecommunications to make changes to the International Telecommunications Regulations which permits us to have the Internet we know of now. Countries have already been reported to hold meetings out of the public eye to discuss possible amendments that would impose Internet regulations. It is a very real threat.

How will the Internet react this time around? It is not known but when the time comes we’ll show just  how powerful we are. Google has taken the incentive to lash out, help them out. And more importantly, start spreading the news to your online friends. We’ve done it once before and we’ll do it again. Wherever from you are reading this, undoubtedly from the Internet in some shape or form, you have the ability to speak out against it now, use it before it’s too late.

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No GravatarThe Xbox 360 and now the PlayStation 3 have been around since the internet has become a big part of gaming. Both consoles trying to outdo each other in the online community they support in unique ways. While this is great for the user, it does create a new problem that did not exist a few years ago, games seem to be rushed out the door before they are ready. This seems to be happening more and more without any regulations to the industry. Gamers are buying games when they are released, being very excited to play it only to find there is a potentially game breaking glitch that a patch is being worked on. These glitches can be quite annoying and throw users off the game indefinitely, I know if I invested over five hours into a game and my save got wiped out that I would not play that game for a while because it would feel like a chore at this point. However the game developers and publishers have made their money at this point and in the end they are not obligated to even make a patch, it’s more of a choice to do so to keep their customers happy eventually. These patches are great since it will make the game playable again but there are still gamers out there that don’t play online and have no internet access, these people have essentially bought a broken game with no compensation.

Also since many more users are online Downloadable Content (DLC) has become a very big and lucrative business for companies to employ, giving users more life out of their games. While some Developers are doing a great job giving content to gamers, there are a few that have done nothing but gouge the gamers out of their hard earned money. The Xbox community is still laughing about Oblivion’s Horse Armour, a totally useless item but at least it looked cool, but now there are worse offenders. Recently 2K came out with Mafia 2, which a great game by itself but then a few weeks after release DLC was released that added to the game something that should have been included on the disk, essentially side mission. Another Developer that dropped the ball on all systems was Capcom with Resident Evil 5’s online mode, it was on the disk but they charged gamers to unlock it. In the end the users are losing out the most here, game prices are slowly climbing and we are getting less content. These bad Developers should take note from the good guys out there like Rockstar, who’s DLC  is practically full games (Lost and Damned, Ballad of Gay Tony) or Remedy who gave their first piece of DLC for Allan Wake away for free to anyone who bought the game early on (Rockstar also gave away the first piece of DLC away for Red Dead Redemption).

Ever since these broken games and DLC gouging have started showing up gamers are always saying that we can choose not to buy something and vote with our wallets. While a few of us do seem to stick to that, a majority seems to say this mantra but go out and buy these broken games anyways. As long as these companies make money they will use the tactics that will give them the most dollars for the least work.  So gamers now have to start making judgement calls, “will this game be worth the money? Can I live with these bugs until a patch is released, if it is ever released?”, and make the smart decisions because this trend does not seem to be going anywhere. Maybe there should be a public website created where the worst offenders could be listed and more importantly the companies that are going a great job to get the respect they should.