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By Inactive or EX ROG Staffer On 30 Mar, 2013 At 05:53 AM | Categorized As Animation, Comics/Manga, ROG News, Uncategorized | With 0 Comments

Hello, this is for all the newbie Internet artists who want to begin drawing Rule 63, but don’t know how to. Don’t worry, I here have a comprehensive set of guidelines that’ll turn you into a 63 pro in no time. 1. Make sure your female version has the character’s eye and hair color: That’s […]

By Inactive or EX ROG Staffer On 21 Nov, 2012 At 03:02 AM | Categorized As Editorials, PC Games, ROG News | With 0 Comments

Hey everyone, remember this little incident with two pieces of legislation called SOPA and FIFA that made several Internet giants and many other smaller websites including ours mad enough to protest and engulf the Internet in a black sea of rage? Well imagine this time there’s “changes” that will be made to laws that can […]

By otakuman5000 On 2 Nov, 2010 At 03:59 PM | Categorized As Editorials, Featured | With 2 Comments

The Xbox 360 and now the PlayStation 3 have been around since the internet has become a big part of gaming. Both consoles trying to outdo each other in the online community they support in unique ways. While this is great for the user, it does create a new problem that did not exist a […]