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By OtakuDante On 22 Feb, 2011 At 09:06 AM | Categorized As Editorials, Featured, PlayStation | With 2 Comments

No GravatarOver the years seasoned gamers have come to expect the constant evolution that takes place in the world of video games. There have been many consoles released during my time as a gamer, and they are still being made as I type this editorial. I’ve seen many consoles in my time, from the Atari 2600 to the current next gen consoles like the Xbox 360. Out of all the systems I play only a handful of them are worth revisiting. Some of those just happen to be the PlayStation consoles that were released by Sony. When PlayStation was at it’s best it seemed gaming could not get any better. There were epic RPGs, and even fighting games created that paved the way for the next generation of consoles. I’m truly grateful for that experience.

"PSOne w/Monitor"

Those of you who know me, or follow my tweets on Twitter realize how serious of a PlayStation 3 gamer I am. I’m constantly tweeting about putting the hurt on some poor noob in Call Of Duty: Black Ops, or totally ruling someone in Super Street Fighter IV. I’ve owned my PS3 for close to two years now, and have really enjoyed it until recently. As most of you have  heard, or witnessed first hand, the PlayStation has been dealt several blows by hackers, and half done game releases. Since the end of last year, and the beginning of 2011, it appears to me that the PlayStation has been going downhill. Every time I log onto Twitter, it seems that some bad news is being released that concerns PlayStation, or its creators.

"Playstation 3 Console"

The current issues, or rumors are pretty big. If they’re true then PlayStation’s future is looking rather dim. One rumor is that ‘LG’ is trying to ban PS3s from the US. That issue revolves around some dispute that ‘LG’ has about patent infringing by SONY. I won’t go into details, because I’m not sure what’s rumor and what isn’t. The fact of the matter is that if this whole ordeal is true then the PS3 could become an obsolete system. I’m totally outraged by the whole entire thing! I have spent nearly $1,000 on my PS3, and games! I’m honestly sick of it all, the hackers, the half done games, and all of these legal issues!

The catastrophe doesn’t seem to end with the lawsuit either. The second rumor, or issue involves a hacker attack on PS3 gamers credit card info. To add insult to injury, it is rumored that PS3 owners’ credit card info is currently vulnerable to a hacker attack through their PS3 console! Luckily I don’t deal with credit cards, but I definitely feel sorry for those that this situation has effected. A good friend of mine also brought to my attention that Sony keeps all of your info on a separate server, so even if you did manage to delete it from your PS3 it’s likely that it’s still on Sony’s server! That would make the info still readily available for ID thieves, or hackers!

In all honesty I don’t see the PS3 surviving much longer. I’ve debated whether or not I want to stick with Sony, and their PS3 considering the heavy blows it has taken so far. If you follow my tweets on Twitter you’ve most likely seen the comments I’ve made that I might pack my gamer bags, and hop aboard the Nintendo train. As humorous as that is, I have given it serious consideration. I realize the issues are not 100% Sony’s fault, but it seems to me that they would care enough about their customers to have put some effective security measures in order to protect them from situations like these. If this PS3 dilemma as I call it gets any worse I truthfully can’t see myself supporting Sony or it’s PlayStation products any longer. I sit here typing this editorial for all of my readers wondering what happened to the gaming industry I once loved? Where has the fun that I once experienced while playing Castlevania: SoTN, or Final Fantasy VII gone?

I’m sure many of you are as upset as I am about the whole thing. Whatever your stand is one the situation feel free to leave a comment below letting us know.