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No GravatarThe Legend of Korra had a great first season in terms of audience averaging 3.8 million viewers for the first season. Some people expressed issues with the season finale but overall, most people loved season 1 and can’t wait for season 2. Nickelodeon agreed and doesn’t want the gravy train to end, so they ordered 26 more episodes to be split up into 2 seasons. This will bring the total up to 4 books over the course of 52 episodes. Exciting new for fans. It’s also been confirmed that book 2 will be called “Spirit” and deal with Korra learning to get in touch with her spiritual side and expanding on the spirit world The Last Airbender established. A few other mentions have been made including the return of Probending and Mako going the police force, but I think the most interesting mention was that the show would delve into how the mythology of the Avatar. I personally really want to see this expansion on the spirit world since I always felt like there was so much more they could have done with that. I’ve also always wondered about who was the first Avatar and how that got started so it’ll be interesting seeing how they tell that story. There is no release date for Legend of Korra but stay tuned. In the mean time enjoy this poster that many people at Comic Con received.

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It’s been a while since we’ve seen any news about the highly anticipated Legend of Korra series. The sequel to the great cartoon series, Avatar: The Last Airbender, many fans have been salivating at the mouth just waiting for the first episode to come out. Well to hold you over just a little longer, whenever “coming soon” will be, here is a new trailer with all new scenes and dialogue. Now. many people, including myself, may have forgotten that this series is actually being done by Nickelodeon. This trailer made sured I remembered that, but it isn’t a bad thing. The wonderful thing about the first series was the perfect blend of humorous and sometimes slapstick comedy with beautiful choreographed action scenes. While many of what we have seen already has been action oriented, this new trailer reminds us that Legend of Korra will also have its light hearted funny moments. Check out the new trailer and try to wait patiently, as if I can, for what is sure to be another great cartoon series.