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Brave 10 Vol 1Brave 10, an ongoing manga series published by Media Factory and written and created by Shimotsuki Kairi that focuses on the year before the battle of Sekigahara, which would thus end the Sengoku period in Japan, leaving Tokugawa Ieyasu, as Shogun. The main focus of the series is on Iga ninja, Kirigakure Saizo and Izumo Priestess, Isanami. The story mainly revolves around those two, and their growing friendship and love, more so on Isanami’s part, but it also showcases Sanada Yukimura growing what would be called in history, Sanada’s Ten Braves. All thought to be ten elite ninja bodyguards, always ready to protect Yukimura’s life.

 The original run was title Brave 10 under in Comic Flapper, but after June 2011, it was moved to Monthly Comic Gene and re-titled Brave 10 S, where it continues now. The genre is more so a comical, historical action. Giving into the over-the-topness of Shinobi, and the various ninja skills they possess, from controlling the elements, substitution jutsu, and even controlling fake creatures from far off places, than the heat of the battle. As I said before, the story mainly follows Saizo and Isanami, and after events happen that Ieyasu attacked the Temple for a certain reason, which is later revealed. Afterwards, a weird friendship was struck up with the two as she asked him to escort her to Ueda Castle, and to Sanada Yukimura. So the story uses historical references and other historical figures throughout this time period. The main villain is focused around Ieyasu, as well as, Hattori Hanzo and all his ninja glory with a group of four others, impressive ninja at his command. The manga does contain rather saucy moments, like Isanami not wearing much clothing when she is awakened by Saizo randomly seeing her on his futon. Or a bathing in the waterfall, Anastasia, and being completely bare chest and ass.

The art of the manga, definitely portrays, the high speed action of the ninja attacks, and assaults. Even when action isn’t the main focus of the story, the scenes, of them talking or gathering information from Yukimura, or Isanami giving Saizo a rude awakening in the morning, it’s quite crisp. The emotion portrayed by the characters is clear, and you know what going on, at least facially and from the bubbles. And such, characters like Rokuro, has a large following, and is considered a manho, said by fellow writer, here on the site, and that he is a beautiful ninja, and doesn’t need underwear. Isabel, I had to mention this! As you go, you can tell the artists get more comfortable with the drawing, they become even crisper, and more entertaining. As I mentioned before, the series is still continuing, but I can say when they release volumes or chapters, since they are slightly sporadic. Additionally, they also have a 12 episode anime, which can be seen on crunchyroll; with English subs. Hope you all enjoy this manga and anime as much as I do.tumblr_lzr88v8Utd1rpkkofo1_500