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By Wade Hinkle On 22 Sep, 2016 At 09:22 AM | Categorized As PC Games | With 0 Comments

No GravatarMicrosoft owned developer Mojang has just announced that Minecraft: Education Edition will be released November 1 for PCs that run on Windows 10 or the X El Capitan operating system.

The early access version for free is still available until it goes on sale. To begin using Minecraft: Education Edition early access; Upgrade your computer to Windows 10 or OS X El Capitan if needed, Sign up for a free Office 365 Education account using a school or district email and download Minecraft: Education Edition and start playing.

“Over 35,000 students and educators have participated in this program and provided feedback to help us fine-tune the experience across a diverse set of learning environments, including a STEM summer camp program in New York City and classrooms around the world,” Mojang noted on Minecraft’s website.

A companion app that allows teachers to view the world as a map, list all the present students, teleport them about, grant resources and chat. This will help the educator keep an eye on what’s going on without being in the gameworld themselves. This classroom mode will become available in the November release build along with updated UI, leads, horses, player skins, pistons and an all new redstone functionality.

Minecraft: Education Edition will cost $5 per user, per year or through a district-wide licensing model which educators will need to contact Mojang directly.