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Minerva’s Den is the new DLC for Bioshock 2. Unlike some DLC, this one is completely worth the ms points. Minerva’s den takes you back to Rapture to help out in the fight against the Adam hungry splicers. Once again Bridgid Tenenbaum implores you to help the little sisters, and put another dent in Andrew Ryan’s legacy of misguided advancement and terror.

The story starts after you wake up as a big daddy named Sigma, and you set out to undo more of the damage that has been done by the denizens of Rapture. Your ultimate goal is to get to Rapture’s supercomputer, the thinker. The thinker is the central processing computer that keeps Rapture on track. Don’t think it’s going to be easy to get there though. There is a new breed of big daddy, as well as a splicer army to blast your way through. The new type of daddy is called the lancer. They are stronger and faster. Lucky for you, there is a new laser gun with 3 types of ammo. This gun will help you out in a tight spot, and there are plenty of tight spots to get into.

The gameplay is as solid as ever, and you can tell it’s quality work right off the bat. The action is well paced, and there are 9 little sisters to deal with. After you harvest or save them, there is a big sister that will have no choice  but to deal with you.

The story has a twist to it, as all of the other Bioshock stories have. It is a little obvious if you are picking up and listening to all the auto diaries. You also have a crazy antagonist to contend with, and stop his villainous ways. There is plenty to enjoy about this addition to the Bioshock world.

If your a Bioshock fan like me, this is one DLC that is a must play. So suit up, and get out there, and make Rapture a little safer.