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No GravatarIts time to review probably ONE OF THE BEST SUPER HERO VIDEO GAMES EVER CREATED. Three words…… Batman Arkham City. Its no secret that this game is EPIC. But how much EPICness does Batman bring to the table? Is it a last hurrah, or the gateway to something more? Find out in my video review of Batman Arkham City on my newest addition of Only The EPIC Truth.






No GravatarIts here. Battlefield 3 is out. EA’s big powerhouse shooter has dropped and people are already getting shot up. But how does the game fair up as a new release? Is Battlefield 3 actually what EA was making it out to be? Or is it the fish in the barrel FAIL that some are saying? Well, its time to find out. Time for Only the EPIC Truth on Battlefield 3. Watch the video below, and find out the EPIC Truth.