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No GravatarEA had an amazing time at E3 this year with multiple high level game announcements on all platforms.  Possibly the biggest announcement was EA’s new partnership with WiiU, although it wasn’t the most looked-for announcement and the release date for SW: The Old Republic  is still not announced.  Other announcements included Battlefield 3, Overstrike, Mass Effect 3, Need For Speed:  The Run, Reckoning, Sims 3 Pets, and of course FIFA, Madden, and SSX titles.

Still leading the way in sports games in both the US and Europe, EA continues to deliver great quality graphics for the most popular game in the world:  Football!  Whether you like it the way they play it in Europe or the US of A, this company continues to lock up the best of Football.

As a FPS, Battlefield 3 looks absolutely amazing.  It absolutely allows shooting with both guns and tanks, and the targeting system looks super.

Mass Effect 3 looks absolutely like it’s ready to be released today.  The trailers are terrifying, and the what-if may have been carried a bit too far even for my comfort zone.  Bioware has done an amazing job on this series, and ME3 may be the best one so far.

Need for Speed:  The Run and SSX are similar racing concepts that look absolutely nothing alike.  From a cross-country race to racing an avalanche down a mountain, these two games will keep you absolutely hopping with adrenaline packed action if racing is what you love!

Kingdom of Amalur:  Reckoning is a new single player fully involved world game that looks absolutely stupendous.  R.A. Salvatore (of Drizzt fame) was involved in writing the storyline, and if that isn’t a solid, ringing endorsement, I have no idea what one is!

Overstrike looked absolutely sick (kids assure me that’s a good thing).  Absolutely positively you have to love Dalton’s Attitude.  Yes, it was capitalized on purpose.  Seeing this thing in action is going to be great, it may pull me away from my PC games for a couple weeks….maybe….probably…

Nearest and dearest to my heart though, and anxiously awaited by millions galaxy-wide is Star Wars:  The Old Republic.  Every new video, every new little bit of hype and dribble of information is latched on to by the crowd that was absolutely awed in theaters by Star Wars and every movie that followed it.  The information released this week has been absolutely fantastic, and they continue to tease with a possible release dates, although latest news is they won’t be releasing before end of show because of concerns about possible competitor releases.

Great conference this year EA!  Keep up the great work!