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This morning it was announced via social media that WildStar will be going free-to-play. My opinion on this is it’s about time! I think the subscription models for MMOs is becoming outdated and a lot of people are more hesitant for shelling out that kind of money, especially for a game that’s new and people […]

At PAX East earlier this year, it was announced that there would be a PAX South in San Antonio, Texas. PAX South is to be held from January 23 to January 25. Yesterday, Penny Arcade randomly announced at 1:11 pm via Twitter that PAX South tickets were on sale.  Within 2 hours, 3 day passes […]

PAX East 2014 was my fourth PAX but my first time going as Media.  As always, PAX East was a great experience! Every year PAX East is held in Boston, so I enjoy being able to see another part of the East Coast while checking out all the video games. This year I got to […]

Who’s Going? This year it will be me and fellow editor Sean Jacobs aka NoirZillaGamer that will be at PAX East. Where to Find Me We’ll be all over the place, especially the show floor as that’s where all the gems are at! We’ll also be at a few of the parties. You can find me […]

Jungle Rumble

Jumble Rumble is a rhythm RTS game developed by Disco Pixel.  It’s a very colorful game that involves you protecting bananas that belong to a clan of monkeys from their rival clan. For a preview of the game, here is the dev diary: For those interested in checking out the game early, it will be […]

PAX East has announced the games that will be in their indie showcase this year.  Here are the games and trailers: Crowman & Wolfboy : Developer – Wither Studios LLC; Platform – iOS; Genre – Action/Adventure   Duet : Developer – Kumobius; Platform – iOS; Genre – Action/Arcade   Framed : Developer – Loveshack; Platform […]

Yesterday, January 1, 2014, Mike Krahulik aka Gabriel or Gabe from Penny Arcade wrote a blog about his resolutions for 2014.  Amid the controversies of 2013, Penny Arcade will be distancing itself from PAX. In his blog, Gabe goes into more detail about his own issues and realizing how those issues are impacting others, Penny […]

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I recently had the opportunity to attend PAX East for the first time. The event was packed and a riot of colors, games and people. To give you an idea of how crowded it was (besides these crazy pictures), I really wanted to play The Last of Us demo, but the line was already hours […]

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Of the big name games shown at PAX East, Saints Row IV promises to be the most outrageous, with a gun that allows you to dubstep people to death and the admission that there would have been a dragon you could ride if they’d had enough time to fit it into the game. Plot Players […]

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I know you all are eagerly awaiting our write ups on some of the cool things we saw at PAX East 2013! In the meantime, here’s a quick look at some of the most exciting news from PAX: Blizzard Entertainment has officially announced their new free-to-play collectible card game HearthStone: Heroes of Warcraft. This new game […]