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By otakuman5000 On 23 May, 2011 At 07:38 PM | Categorized As PC Games, Previews | With 1 Comment

I promised a little while back to get some information on the talent tree, and role leveling. Since then, I’ve been extremely busy doing a LOT of research. Two toons have been leveled to the max level of 50, and am working on a couple more. The only toons I really have no interest in […]

By otakuman5000 On 29 Mar, 2011 At 12:29 PM | Categorized As PC Games, Reviews | With 1 Comment

We’re not in ….Azeroth….anymore. We’re certainly not. We’re in Telara. Rift is brand-spanking new (not for spanking) and has raised the MMORPG bar to a new level. Visually stunning, the models continue to look just as alive on the regular game as they do on the cut-scenes. There is a decided lack of ‘cartoonishness’, and […]