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Indie games on the Wii U come in a large variety of genres and the puzzle platformers are among the best. The Beggar’s Ride is a puzzle platformer that does the genre right and tries its best to bring in new ideas.

The Beggar’s Ride makes use of both in game powerups as well as the Wii U gamepad for puzzle solving and progression. The gamepad is used for both touchscreen interactivity and motion controls, the likes of which have only been seen in a few games on the system. But is it fun? I would say so, and it is most certainly one of the most inviting games on the system. The kind that tries all it can to bring you in and keep playing. I liked what I played of it but I will admit that it is not for everyone. The aforementioned puzzle elements involving the gamepad will no doubt alienate many as it requires a significantly higher amount of paying attention than most puzzle games. However if you can get past the controls, then fun will be had.

The Beggar’s Ride is one of the most beautiful games I’ve seen on Wii U, with an art style that helps its gameplay seem more involving than most others. It really has to be seen in motion to be understood. Combined with its control scheme, The Beggar’s Ride is a game that presents itself as more than just another game. The music in the game is great and really helps you get into the experience as well. It is the kind of music that makes you feel like you are becoming part of something.

Bottom line, if you want a puzzle platformer that offers a new experience, then I suggest trying this out. If you are turned off by new control schemes, then look elsewhere.


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Replay: VHS is Not Dead is a puzzle platformer. I’m sure you are thinking, okay but we have played so many of those that this wont be a problem. Ah but what if I tell you that Replay: VHS is Not Dead also involved time travel elements and precise movements? I see I now have your interest. How about a game where you are put into VHS movies and have to travel from pirate movies to sci-fi movies and more and manipulate the cassette. You do this by rewinding to travel back and reset your moves  so you can progress.

Replay: VHS is Not Dead is not your typical puzzle game. You have to make your move but you are playing not just as one character and you are constantly rewinding the game to sync all the characters movements. This seems simple at first but it gets very challenging quite fast and you will either be engrossed in the game or utterly frustrated….or quite possibly both. As mentioned above, you rewind the game but doing so can cause issues so you must be careful. You can set up an exit or cause a death trap to come into being, so choose your moves wisely.

The music in the game is fun and energetic and helps keep you hooked even when you are frustrated. It shifts music genres several times but each time  it remains high quality and fun to listen to.

The art style is great and resembles an SNES game graphic wise. Its a visually appealing game that has a great hook. But its also frustrating as all hell. The game seems to get really hard but as with all puzzle platformers, there is a simple solution. Its just that the game gives you so many ways to miss that solution that you will get so angry, you might accidentally find yourself having to buy a second console after some therapeutic stress relief…..not that I am suggesting destroying your console of course.

If you like Puzzle Platformers then this is great for you, but if you aren’t into puzzle games then you should pass as you will not enjoy it. I enjoy the genre to an extent so it was fun for me. Just be aware that people not into puzzle games will not have a good time.


Replay: VHS Is Not Dead is also available on Steam, PS4 and Xbox One