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Stardew Valley is a game that is one you certainly won’t want to miss. A classic farming game that ever since its release has become such a hit, it has found homes on every system it could. Stardew Valley finally finds it’s home on Nintendo Switch and now it just feels like it’s found a perfect home. Stardew Valley is one of those games that you can spend hours on in a day, or a few minutes here and there. It’s a simple game yet one that people have dissected enough where you can now tell how intricate it can be. There are so many different things you can do in this game, and so many characters to meet that you won’t always have time to do everything you might want. Before you know it, it’s late and your character better head to bed.

Stardew Valley is at its core a farming game likened to Harvest Moon. When I was younger, playing Harvest Moon, I assured myself that one day I’d live in a Harvest Moon game and have a great life. While that never happened, I am happy to say I’ve found that magic again in Stardew.  This magic is something of an anomaly because, I’m not usually one for rustic living but the charm of these games is pure magic.

This game is one that is filled with so much to do. You can obviously farm and build your farm to be the best. This is always something I seem to not do so much, but I’m working on my farm this time. You can mine for ore and fight monsters so it’s not all about farming. Plus you get to meet strange people and find out their stories. You can even get married, and you can even be in a same sex relationship, if that floats your boat.

Stardew valley is an amazing game and one that will have you playing for hours upon hours. You will always find something to take up game time. From festivals, to different normal activities. It is always fun to see what comes up and as you continue to play the events change based on how you play. Going to a dance with a date will allow you actually take part in the festivities. Nothing will ever be the same when you take certain actions.

This game is also quite real in that you can ruin relationships. Unlike Harvest Moon where it really is one and done, you can divorce your spouse or be divorced. This is an all to real thing that makes you work a little harder for your in game spouse. This game really is like a modern Harvest Moon and that is a great thing. A game that wants to be all it can while taking on more to make it stand out. That is why it’s so amazing.

Stardew Valley is now out on the Switch as well as just about every other system you night want to own it on! So get out there, create a legendary farm, and live a long farm based life in Stardew Valley!

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If you have played Persona 5, you know how great a game it really is. Though I’ve only had it a short amount of time, it seems like ages, and it has really become something I treasure. Having only played Persona 4, I was ready to try out the series next iteration. Jumping into this beautifully designed alternate world Tokyo, I was spellbound, and from the moment the game started up I had no doubt in my mind I would do anything to finish this game.

The game follows the story of a protagonist, fresh out of getting kicked out of his old school due to a scuffle and thrust into a whole new world.  The young man may look mild mannered, but he is a devious and cunning mastermind. Of course, that really is only when he needs to be, as usually he is able to keep peace. He meets a wonderful cast of characters, some who help him and some who harm him. As a Persona game it is up to you who you forge relationships with.

Persona 5’s story is certainly one worth playing to the end, as it really makes you think about the world. There may need to be some upheaval, and it is a shame the Phantom Thieves don’t exist. For the uniformed, The Phantom Thieves are the protagonist’s group. Honestly, I felt like I grew playing this game, and that I honestly do want to figure out something I can do to change our planet for the better.

Besides a wonderful story, the game itself is one of the best I’ve seen. Its battles flow brilliantly as do its cut scenes and tranisitions. Depending on where you are, the transitions change and that is something cool. As you travel all around Tokyo, you will see so many different things that it almost feels like you have been to Japan after playing it.

Back to the characters of Persona 5. They are all so unique it is hard to choose who you want to spend time with. Now, there are people who make guides where they max out everything in one run, but I personally just go with the flow. Though it does pain me that this first playthrough is clocking at 100 hours, and my main character didn’t end up with any of the amazing women. This just gives me an incentive to play the game again for a fuller experience. Seriously, it is difficult when you have a punk doctor, a teacher, a shut in hacker, and a student council president among others to choose from.

The characters themselves also have touching stories that make you feel like even though you may be putting in work, it isn’t for nothing. These people feel and live their lives, slowly becoming more and more attached to the protagonist. When you max any of the social links,  you feel this connection to the character, as you have experienced something with them that has changed them. It’s just like any real friendship, you go through something together and part of you is bonded to them forever.

Besides the wonderful story and characters, there are also have amazing dungeons, which the game calls palaces to explore. These Palaces are inside of the characters minds, and just like their outside self these worlds are distorted. You never know what kind of dungeon theme you are going to be plunged into next. They vary so differently that it is honestly shocking. One of the best parts of the game is simply to see how people see the world. I have to wonder what kind of Palace I’d have.

So, in conclusion, Persona 5 is hands-down one of my favorite games. It honestly is a contender for Game of The Year right now and will at least finish in the top 3 I’m sure. Persona 5 truly is its own game, so don’t feel like you need to play other Persona games to play it. If it sounds at all interesting, it is definitely worth picking up. When playing it, just play like you are the character it honestly makes everything all the more relatable, at least that is what I thought.


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No GravatarHello everyone this is GovPancakes with Real Otaku Gamer here to bring you new anime to watch. This time its an anime called Blue Gender. Now you may not of heard of it because its a older anime. The Genre is Action/Mecha, now before i start a lot of people go “oh man it has mechs in it I don’t wanna watch that”. Stop it. This anime isn’t focused on the mechs its focused on the people.


The anime starts off with a Recovery team trying to recover these people called sleepers (humans that were put into a cryogenic stasis because of an unknown disease). The main character Yuji, just happens to be one. He gets forced awake into a time where humans (not all but a mass amount) have been pushed into space to live on a space port called Second Earth by these Bug-like Creatures called The Blue. The Blue are a special kind of bug that can eat organic and inorganic objects…so basically everything. They only have one weakness which is their “core”, which later in the anime becomes an issue.

Yuji joins the recovery team and their second in command Marlene, who’s job is to transport Yuji to Second Earth. Reality hits him that time has definitely changed since he was in stasis that all that he knows is gone. The humans of this time are a lot more heartless and act completely different from his time.


Now what makes this anime good is how realistic it is. Its really raunchy and gory, sex scenes, blood in about every episode, swearing, but its not over the top. The people are completely heartless just like The Blue are. Its an amazing story about survival. The action is amazing and realistic. If someone looks like they are about to die then they probably are. The relationship between characters is also a factor in the battles which adds to the story. The art style for its time was great and its still good now. The voices aren’t bad and the music is sub par at best.

In conclusion I say if you liked Starship Troopers give it a shot. It has almost the same focus but its not funny, and a lot more serious. Amazing anime that I give a 8/10

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No GravatarAi Ore! (written and drawn by Mayu Shinjo and published by VIZ Media) has a cute cover picture, our two androgynous leads paired together and smiling. Makes you think we’re in for a charming high school love story.

Ai Ore! (Love Me) by Mayu Shinjo

Don’t let it fool you.

Ai Ore! tries to pass itself off as a quirky romance about a boy who looks like a girl and a girl who looks like a boy, but it turns out to be the uncomfortable tale of an exceptionally unhealthy relationship. At the start of the manga Mizuki, the lead guitarist of Blau Rosen is ready to split up the band when Kaoru, her best friend and lead singer, is moving to America. Akira, the effeminate boy from the school next door, volunteers to join. He tries to get close to Mizuki, and comes with her to the airport to say farewell to Kaoru. But he didn’t want to say goodbye – he wanted to take advantage of the sad and vulnerable Mizuki so he could steal a kiss.

Creepy, right? It all gets worse from there.

Akira, our cute, blushing male lead is just as deceptive as the cover. He is obsessive about getting Mizuki as his own, sneaking into her all girls school, locking the two of them in the music room and tagging along on her school’s overnight trip. He even wraps himself in a towel and pretends to be a girl so he can get in the hot springs with her. This is creepy and perverted, but Akira gets just plain scary when he decides to dole out punishment on a girl that dared to go after his Mizuki-chan, making a move that goes way over all sorts of lines.

Mizuki is looked at by other characters as a strong young woman, and that’s how us readers are meant to see her, too. But not only is she easily manipulated, she’s completely unable to get herself out of uncomfortable and downright dangerous situations. And then there are her interactions with Akira: she’s willing to miss a school trip so they can go on a date, and lets him push her way past her sexual comfort zone. She yells at him when he touches or kisses her without permission, but only chastises herself later for her harsh words. “I said mean things to him!” she moans. “He tried to molest you!” I want to yell. It’s frustrating, and makes me a little ill.

Other characters aren’t painted in the kindest light. One of Akira’s friends attempts to steal Mizuki away, and the other one agrees to rape a girl for Akira with only momentary hesitation. Homosexual characters aren’t looked at favorably: Mizuki only thinks she likes girls because she’s confused, and the actual lesbians are portrayed as sexual fiends.

Cute and cruel Akira.

The art is pretty enough, with a cute girlish character design for Akira, and handsome figures for Mizuki and her band mates. Of course, moments when Mizuki is most drawn to Akira are also when he appears most devilish. He exclaims “I was so very happy!” about having kissed Mizuki, but his smile is more predatory than cute. Backgrounds are very bland, as Shinjo prefers to use airy bubbles or action lines to denote the mood of the scene rather than show us where these characters are standing.

Ai Ore! should be a manga about music and gender roles, and that’s what I was looking forward to when I first picked it up. But instead I got a love story that makes my skin crawl. I’m obviously in the minority, as user reviews on Amazon show an overwhelming love for this manga, but I just can’t get on board with a book that shows such a twisted relationship as being perfectly alright.

ISBN: 9781421538389 • MSRP: $12.99 • Published by VIZ Media • 300 pages • Released May 3, 2011