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M2, The developers of Sega 3D Classic have stated that they would like to port Sega Saturn and Sega Dreamcast games to modern systems.


Okunari says that Sega is open to helping other companies who’ve had successful releases on Sega’s classic consoles to do 3D remakes of their games.

“During the Wii Virtual Console days, we worked with other developers and were able to port games that were on Megadrive and other Sega systems,” says Okunari. “Those were all made on our side. However, negotiations with some publishers, like Capcom and Bandai-Namco, didn’t go through. We did consider negotiating again when the 3DS came along, but business-wise, nothing really came together.

For many fans, the true holy grail of reissues would be if M2 moved on from their ports of Sega’s Model 2 arcade system boards to Model 3. Okunari says that there’s a reason that hasn’t happened yet.

“This has more to do with how the teams are divided amongst Sega as a company,” he notes. “Up until now, M2 has been focused on 8-bit and 16-bit ports, whereas Dreamcast and Saturn titles were done by staff that were assigned to those games from teams like AM2 or Sega of China. The idea behind that was to make these porting lines run as efficiently as possible, with the teams learning the know-how behind specific systems.”

“At the time, if M2 had researched porting Model 2 or 3 on their own and come to Sega for that, we’d have told them we already had teams assigned to it, or the market isn’t right at the time. That said, that sort of corporate direction has ended recently, and M2’s is the only port line that really exists anymore. There’s a possibility that ports for Model 3 could continue on their side.”

“Model 3 might actually be easier than Model 2,” says Horii. “We’re obviously interested, but Sega would have to make the business call there. We’ve mostly been focusing on getting Game Gear and 3D Classics working, so there hasn’t really been any time to research much outside of that. If the opportunity presented itself, I’d certainly consider it.”

“Over the past 11 years of the Sega Archive Project, M2 has slowly crept its way through SEGA hardware history, learning each system one by one,” says Okunari. “As the hardware evolves, external chips get brought in, and the boards themselves get powered up – but a lot of the core programming is the same. Their studies are evolving along with the hardware itself. They’ve entered the 1990s, so perhaps we’ll continue along that route.”

Sega Saturn Games are notoriously hard to emulate, both for design reasons and lack of source code. If anyone could replicate them however, it is M2. Hopefully Sega gives them the go ahead/



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No GravatarAfter weeks turning into months of delays, we are finally announcing the Winners of the “Are you the ultimate Dreamcast Fan?” contest.

If you are not familiar with this contest, the link is here.

Well, these fans are some of the most diehard Dreamcast fans out there. In all we had 13 entries from around the world. All of the collections were impressive, but a few of them stood out. These are the winners:

The Grand Prize winner is: Jamal Nickens aka Zopher321

He wins for “Best Presentation”.

 He has some really rare games here, and that is always a plus. He wins the Limited Edition Dreamcast Vinyl.


Now for the First and Second Prizes.

First Prize goes to Jaime Larios aka Kemoteo from

He wins “Most Sealed Games” for his collection of sealed Dreamcast games.













The Second Prize goes to Gary Stackpole. He has what we consider to be the largest number of Dreamcast games.

Both Jaime and Gary get the Dreamcast Hoodies.

The Third Prize winner is Brett D’Onofrio. He gets a copy of the Dreamcast Collection for XBOX 360. He has the largest number of Dreamcast Consoles.

11 console from different regions

Now it is time for the Honorable Mentions.

Sandra Santos

Ricardo Almeida

Jose Ventura De La Torre Ortiz

Chris Hofer

Justin Burrow

Aaron Kapis


Braden Darnell

Skyler King

You guys all have made Sega fans and Dreamcast fans worldwide. Stay tuned for other contests (with faster turn arounds) in the coming weeks.