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By Garrett Green On 17 Oct, 2012 At 01:07 PM | Categorized As Featured, PlayStation, Reviews, Reviews, Xbox 360/Xbox One | With 0 Comments

Oh Sonic, you’ve had your up and you’ve certainly had your downs. 11 years ago you released your last game on a Sega made console, the Dreamcast. For many, but not all, the Dreamcast era was the last time they saw a “good” Sonic game. With Sonic Adventure 2 HD just released on the PSN […]

By otakuman5000 On 4 Apr, 2011 At 06:11 PM | Categorized As Contests, Featured | With 0 Comments

Here at Real Otaku Gamer, we love to give back. This is why we have created the “Ultimate” series of contests. This is the first contest in that series. Now let’s get to the goods! The Grand Prize is a Limited Edition Vinyl LP. This Vinyl was created to celebrate the release of the Dreamcast […]

By otakuman5000 On 12 Jan, 2011 At 10:34 PM | Categorized As Best Game Ever, Company Spotlight, Editorials, Featured | With 0 Comments

It was the winter of the year 2000, going into 2001, the Sega Dreamcast had dominated that year. ThePS2 Launch in America, coupled with the fact that the systems games where being pirated, made its future seem very bleak before the system completely dying off in 2002. My 1st Games where NFL 2k and Sonic […]