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No GravatarThis year at Sony’s E3 Press Conference, they decided to put on quite the show. There focus this year was on the games. Now, you may be thinking, “Well duh, it is a game conference.” But this year it was just games, with very little talking in between. Just trailer after trailer after trailer, with some gameplay as well. To me, this was a pleasant surprise. Sony brought some old familiar faces and dropped some new IPs for the future. Here is the rundown:

Sony started things off with a live orchestra followed by their first gameplay demo. We weren’t sure if this was something new or what until a mysterious man stepped out of the shadows to reveal himself as a grizzled bearded Kratos. That’s right, the God of War is back and having literally killed all of Greek mythology, he has decided to tackle Norse mythology instead. It appears to be a sequel but it could also be a soft reboot or retelling. We’ll have to wait for more details.

Next, we got a trailer for Days Gone, a post apocalyptic zombie-esque game about a biker. That’s really all I could tell you since the trailer didn’t show a whole lot (more on it later) but I was picking up a The Last of Us vibe. Then we got another trailer for The Last Guardian with an actual release date! The Last Guardian is set to release October 25, 2016.

We got a gameplay demo for Horizon: Zero Dawn. Honestly, I’m not sure how I feel about this one. It’s a good looking game, and the demo showed off some crafting, dialogue choices, machine animal riding (you have to watch the demo to understand that) and some combat. Looks like it’ll at least be a decent game.

One of my Dark Horse picks of the Sony Conference was Quantic Dreams’ Detroit: Become Humans. The trailer shows off how your character deals with situations and how your choices effect the outcome. They showed off a lot of different choices that had different outcomes, and that’s got me excited. These guys made Heavy Rain so I know they know how to but in branching choices, but I’m hoping that this game can really do that and give a lot of different outcomes that effect the story like the trailer is alluding at.

What looked like another P.T. demo turned out to be the next installment of the Resident Evil Series with Resident Evil 7. This looks to be going back fully to its horror roots, maybe even going supernatural, and it will also be fully compatible with Sony’s VR set. I don’t know if the non VR version will be fully first person or if the trailer was just trying to hype up VR, we’ll have to wait and see. Playstation users will also be able to play the demo for RE7 now. RE7 is set to release January 24, 2017.

Speaking of VR, after the RE7 trailer Sony announced the price and release date for is VR headset. The Playstation VR will release on October 13, 2016 and will cost $399 and have 50 VR games by the end of this year. Some games announced for the VR, but without any release dates at this time, includ Farpoint, a new first person shooter, Star Wars Battlefront X-Wing VR Mission, and Batman: Arkham VR.

Something many longtime Playstation owners have been clamoring for was dropped… sort of. Crash Bandicoot is back baby! Crash Bandicoot 1, 2, and 3 are being remastered from the ground up. Crash will also be appearing in Skylanders Imaginators.

We also got a new Final Fantasy XV with some really cool action scenes and the reveal that it will also have a VR mode. Judging by the trailer, this seems to be a separate thing from the actual story proper. Not sure exactly what it will be but if you are getting a VR set it could be something to check out. Sony seems to really be doubling down on the whole Virtual Reality. FFXV is set to release September 30, 2016.

Remember one of the most downvoted videos in history was the reveal trailer for Call of Duty: Infinite War? Well Sony showed off some gameplay in space… I don’t know, it looked pretty interesting. Activision definitely needs to change up the formula and take the series in a different direction than just further and further into the future, but this seems alright. There was also the reveal the Playstation users with get the Modern Warfare Remaster 30 days before anyone else.

Lego Star Wars: The Force Awakens got a nice little trailer. IF you like the Lego Game series this looks like another must have. It also got a release date of June 28. A demo is available on the PS4 if you are interested in trying it out.

My other dark horse pick… and I can’t even really explain it. Hideo Kajima (need I say more?) is free from Konami and has teamed up with Sony and brought us Death Stranding. It has a naked Norman Reedus and a baby connected to him by some sort of metal umbilical cord and dead sea life all around him and something way off in the background… it’s weird! And I’m so intrigued to see what Kojima can do outside of Metal Gear Solid. Thank you to IZUNIY for uploading a good quality of the trailer.

And for my favorite reveal (light horse pick?). Insomnia, creators of the Infamous series, is making a Spiderman game exclusively for the PS4. Insomnia really knows how to make an open world superhero game and what the showed in this trailer really looks good. We’ll have to wait and see but as of now this is what I am looking forward to the most.

Lastly, Sony finished off a demo of Days Gone. I still didn’t get a whole lot from this other than they are using the fast running/climbing zombies. Still got a big The Last of Us vibe which may or may not be good.

If you want to watch the press conference in it’s entirety you can watch it here. The actual conference starts at 30 min in. Before and after is a little bit of Sony’s show before hand. E3 is just getting underway stay tuned for more E3 news

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No GravatarHello ROGers!

My E3 started off with a bang at Polygon on the Verge from Snapdragon by Qualcomm. Whew it was a mouthful. I had a great time, mostly because the drinks came with flashing cubes. I’m a simple girl. They also had huge screens with indie games going on, a DJ and great people! Oh and the brownies were awesome.

My drink was glowing with the fires of Mordor

The next day, I was fortunate enough to attend the Sony Press Conference.

After waiting in line for a few hours, we were finally ushered into the press conference. If you have never attended E3 before, one tip is to scour the web for any opportunities or contests to win E3 passes or access to press conferences. Sony offered 200 random people the opportunity to access the press conference in just this way.

Three of my line mates decided to have a picnic

Once inside, there were food trucks galore! Trucks included Fishlips sushi, Tato Tots, Mac Cheezy’s and more. All food and drink  were free, so I stuffed myself with eggrolls, sushi and tater tots. I didn’t actually drink, because I did want to mingle. That’s another tip: if you can’t still be a wonderful social butterfly while drinking then resist the evil temptation that is an open-bar.

One of the delish foodtrucks, Fishlips

It was around this time that I realized I was sunburned, as was my dear friend Brit, whom I met in line. Despite my glowing skin I still really liked that the first part of the  event was outdoors. What I disliked about it was the lack of organization. My companion had to use the restroom and had to hold it for over and hour because they would not let her in until she went through a strange and unexplained process. Many times throughout the event, I and my fellow 200 Sony fans were confused about what was going on and what we were supposed to do. On the other hand, Sony proved to be quite generous, hooking us all up with a sweet E3 deal, throwing out t-shirts, and giving everyone a year’s access to PlayStation Plus.

As the outside event ended, we all ran to get our seats inside the huge auditorium. With all the glowing lights and shadowy figures it made for an impressive sight, and I began to feel the adrenaline pumping. When the show actually started, I was not dissapointed. The sound engineer(s) and the light engineer(s) were amazing. Each sword thrust through a skull or face slam into a table had the crack and boom of a realistic event. I felt a tinge of dread watching Beyond, disgust and shock watching The Last of Us and pure fangirl joy watching the Assassins roll in sea storm.

A few of my favorite moments:

  • Learning that PlayStation Allstars Battle Royale would basically include the Vita as a seperate controller. This is a great idea… why has no one else thought of the Vita U?
  • The newest assassin is both the first female assassin as well as, if my eyes could be trusted, a beautiful black woman!! I was so excited I almost cried. I drew about seven hearts in my notebook.
  • The other big game announcement also included a female protagonist (Beyond) so it is interesting to see that female main characters are gaining in popularity.
  • The idea of an interactive book. I am a total bookworm and became quite dreamy-eyed when the announcer mentioned the possibilities of exploring the universe or walking with dinosaurs.
  • The realistic ocean combat of the next Assassin’s Creed.
  • The announcement that LBP2 DLC featuring cross console-controller DLC.
  • The announcement that PlayStation Plus was going to get a power up.
  • My new line friend seriously threatening his friend’s life if he did not come and take his picture with Hideo Kojima.
  • The screens and presentation was perfect. I was energized and excited almost the entire time!

Another of my favorite moments, meeting Britt!

Things that were not quite my favorite:

  • Why would someone want the assassins to fight on the high seas? Just seems like a strange mix.
  • The book sounded amazing, but the demonstration left me a little dissapointed. However, I’m sure JK Rowling fans will disagree!
  • My sunburn.
  • Kratos is now Assassin’s Drake?
  • Why was there a ladder in that hotel? And who sets people on fire in front of a pre-teen?


Interesting Trends:

The press conference left me with the impression that Sony is implementing the “if you can’t beat em, join em!” attitude. They mentioned that PlayStation Suite would get a name change to PlayStation Mobile, that they have a parntership with HTC and they are focusing on the cross-compatability of their portable system.

Overall I now want to buy the upcoming Vita/Assassins Creed: Liberation bundle pack, renew my PlayStation Plus subscription and I am eagerly awaiting the availability of Cool Boarders 2 on PSN.

I also need to take a moment to shout-out the folks at Sony. This is my second industry event with them at a large conference and I must say they know how to treat their fans. I was just as impressed with the way we were treated and I would recommend their conference to anyone.

Also, unless I was seriously trippin’, I saw Ono and Harada and managed to speak some gibberish to them.

Back to the expo! I shall have more updates as the adventures pour in.

The stage was beautiful