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No GravatarThe real Peter Parker is back in a seven story giant-sized comic!


This issue sets up the rest of the series – how Peter Parker is cleaning up the mess Doc Ock made as the Superior Spider-Man, the villains he will face this series, and his alliances. If you didn’t already know, in the past 31 issues of Superior Spider-Man, Doc Ock had been possessing Peter Parker’s body, while the real Peter Parker remained hidden inside Doc Ock’s subconscious. Doc Ock decided to take on the challenge of keeping Spider-Man a hero, saying he would be superior to Peter Parker before him. In the past year, Doc Ock had made some improvements to Parker’s life – curing Aunt May’s bum leg, getting a PhD, and opening his own “Parker Industries” for research. However, Doc Ock had messed up a lot of things, too – quitting the Avengers, putting up surveillance all over New York, blackmailing people, and being generally disliked among the neighborhood. One thing that caused a change in Doc Ock was falling in love with Ana Maria Marconi. Ana Maria ends up getting captured by the Green Goblin, and Doc Ock knows the only way to get her back is to let a real hero, Peter Parker, take over his body to save her.


In issue #1, we see how Peter Parker plans on repairing the damage of the past year. He makes a public vow to separate himself from Spider-Man, saying he will no longer provide tech for him. “Recapturing That Old Spark,” shows us that Electro will be a main villain in the series, which is no surprise since he’s the main villain in the upcoming Amazing Spider-Man 2 movie. Another major player is Black Cat in “Crossed Paths,” which shows her getting put in prison by Spider-Man. You can tell she’s going to be around for a long time when she says, “You took everything from me. Now you’re going to pay for it with your life. But only after I’m done playing with it.”


We also get to see previews of upcoming series. In the beautifully illustrated “Homecoming. Sort of,” we get a sneak peak of the new Spider-Man 2099 comic coming out in July. “Kaine” is a tie-in for New Warriors. Two stories also pay homage to vintage Spider-Man – “How My Stuff Works,” will take you back to the days when Spider-Man used to explain his gadgets at the end of each Amazing Spider-Man volume one issue. “Learning to Crawl: Amazing Reality,” gives you the point of view of a boy in the audience of Spider-Man’s old wrestling shows. This story suggests we will see alternate points of view of major Spider-Man events in the future.

Amazing Spider-Man #1 has raised some questions for me, though. How is Peter Parker going to handle Ana Maria – especially now that she knows his secret? Also, is Spider-Man going to make his way back into the Avengers? This issue has opened up many new stories in the Spider-Man universe and has grown it exponentially. I can’t wait to see what more Marvel has in store for us with the Amazing Spider-Man!

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No GravatarOn the internet I find my self wanting to recapture some of my gaming throwback moments, so I put together a top 5 of the commercials that had given me a bit of nostalgia over the years for your viewing pleasure.

#5 Poke’mon Red and Blue

This is how Bus Drivers Catch them all.

#4 Crash Bandicoot 3
This was part of a string of commercials for the 3rd game in the original Crash trilogy and this was indeed one the funniest gaming commercials of all time.

#3 Spider-man and X-men Arcades Revenge
Never got to beat this game but I still love it and I loved how the commercial was animated like the TV shows

#2 Def Jam Fighter for New York
When I saw this I was never as hype as I would be for a Fighting game. It had all of my favorite hip-hop artist from my middle school, and high school days. The game along with its blazing soundtrack, gear and celebrity girls friends plus Snoop Dogg, this game was an instant classic.

#1 Maximum Carnage
This trailer still catches me off guard from time to time. The Venom and Carnage stories where at their peak in this time, within about 2 to 3 years the comic story came out, then the Animated series take on it and finally the game dropped. It still one of the best beat’em ups anywhere as well as the most difficult yet rewarding Super-hero games to date.Check it out below.

What are your favorite gaming commercials?
post your favorites down below, in the comment section.

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ZEN Studios, the team behind Zen Pinball and Pinball FX 1& 2, has set up shop in the house of Stan Lee with Marvel Pinball. This game was released last year on PS3 as a stand alone title and on Xbox 360 as a part of Pinball FX2.

It features four Marvel Super Hero Themed tables: Iron Man, Spider-Man, Blade, and Wolverine.

Each table captures the essence of the starring hero. Villains, weapons, and side kicks each appear with corresponding actions. Each table puts you in the middle of the action with amazing sound effects and music.


Spider-Man’s table recaptures what it means to be the friendly neighborhood super hero. There are many twisting ramps. The middle table screen in the right hand corner, shows the web head swinging over New York. The Green Goblin has his own ramp and a bomb ball pinball battle. Mysterio likes to scramble your controls. Doc Ock is the center piece villain of the table, that you can only battle on the the top level.


On Blade’s table, you will battle Deacon Frost and his minions and even Dracula. You can hunt bounties and gain cash to buy weapon upgrades to take down the baddies. There is an extremely fun day and night cycle on the board. So, you know in plenty of time to rack up your weapons and points because when Frost shows up he’ll block the entrance to the store. You’ll then have to battle him on the top level.

Iron Man

Mr. Stark’s table features our hero fending off the Mandarin and Whiplash from Stark Tower. Pepper Pots gives launch commands, and you can even target your enemies with event triggered lasers and missiles. Iron Man even gets his one-liners and jokes in when your racking up points for extra effect. It is one of the harder tables to play.


*Shawn Wilson wrote the following:*

I just had to get my 2 cents in on this by reviewing my favorite table. Wolverine’s table is the best of the bunch. Although it’s smaller in terms of play field, it’s the most action packed and fun. The large Sentinel in the play field is well animated and spits out alerts and battle programs while playing. The Sentinel head shaped bumpers are a nice treat as well. You can battle Sabretooth in the middle of the field after having the spinner rotate 365 days. This is a hard feature to complete, but not as hard as the Weapon X adamantium tank. Having to lock 2 balls into two separate orbits after activating the mission is a tough feat and one I still can’t complete today.

Overall, Marvel Pinball is one the most entertaining games you can purchase on PSN and XBLA. I highly recommend this game to any pinball or Marvel fan. If you’re both, it’s a no-brainer purchase. A new Marvel themed table based on Fantastic Four is available now. Keep a look out for a separate review coming soon!

If you enjoy Marvel Pinball, be sure to check out ZEN Studios other tables on Zen Pinball (PSN) and Pinball FX2 (XBLA).