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I had the wonderful pleasure of being able to interview Leon Chiro, a respected cosplayer throughout the nerd community who has won several awards for cosplays like Dante from the Devil May Cry series, Tidus from Final Fantasy X and Dissidia, Caius from Final Fantasy XIII-2, and the list goes on and on. Today we […]

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The Legend of Zelda The Wind Waker has, in more recent years, been regarded as one of the most finely crafted Zelda titles and many believe it to be the best entry in the acclaimed series. However no game is perfect and all great video games have at least one or two kinks in the […]

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Among the throngs of people at the SquareEnix booth at New York Comic Con, I was shoved left and right as I gawked at the trailer for Final Fantasy: Agni’s Philosophy. It had been what seemed like ages since a Final Fantasy game was released, and although so many of them have come about, the […]

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“There are no heroes here, only survivors” – Matthias, Tomb Raider When the first trailer was shown for the new Tomb Raider, I was among the skeptics. It looked like another game with an over-sexualized heroine, and there was even a potential rape scene! However, as I mentioned in a previous article, after watching all […]

This is a look into the music for one of the greatest and longest running franchises in Video Game History. Nobuo Uematsu and the Grand Rapids Symphony   You never forget your first Fantasy. Turning on the game, to hear the now immortal Crystal theme, before being thrown into a wild ride of story, monsters, […]

It’s time for Only the Goddamn Truth. Time for the most epic man in video games to bring in the truth and news about the video game industry.   This time there is some big BIG news, as well as some impressions on a newly launched handheld. On this double hitting  episodes, I talk about […]

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The large Expo floor served to separate the “men from the boys,” as companies debuted new products, announce new projects, and became an exercise in survival among fans.