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By otakuman5000 On 8 Oct, 2011 At 12:47 AM | Categorized As Animation, Editorials, Featured, Reviews, Reviews, Videos | With 1 Comment

No GravatarTime for a brand new video review on THE VERDICT. This time, I get the chance to check out all the Ken-do action on FUNimation’s own BAMBOO BLADE. Lot’s of slashing, parrying, and sushi ensue in this anime review. Does the show really have something special in it’s cutesie nature? Or is the bottom line on this show EPIC FAIL? You want to know so bad, you know you do. Check out the video review. If you love cute anime girls mixed with action set in a traditional Japanese story, this anime show may be right up your ally.




Check out Bamboo Blade from FUNimation.