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PlayStation is streaming live from Santa Monica studios to discuss God of War: Ascension. Jeff Rubenstein will be answering questions from fans on Twitter and if they read your question on air you will receive a signed God of War: Ascension poster!

“We wouldn’t do multiplayer in God of War unless we knew we could do it right. That’s why I’m extremely excited to finally be able to talk publicly about it and share all the gory details with you live. I even have some exclusive gameplay footage to share with you, so be sure to tune in to see it all live.” said Rubenstein.

Click here for the initial announcement trailer and game details for God of War: Ascension.

They are currently chatting with Todd Pappy, Game Director of God of War: Ascension. So far he has mentioned that the decision to start at the beginning is to encourage people who have never played the other God Of War games to give this one a try and not feel like they missed anything. Customization will play a role as the multiplayer appears to have different versions of Kratos available to people to take down big bosses together. Sadly, there will be no female versions because, according to Pappy, they don’t “look right” in the rig.
They also mentioned that they will be doing a live-stream during E3 so be sure to stop by their booth if you’re there!