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Lily overhead figure view

No GravatarWelcome to Go Figures Friday! It’s been a while, but time to get back up on that horse. On that note I begin with…

SCI-FI Revoltech Woody (Re-run) 

Yeah, I know, I don’t cover re-runs, but this one has to be announced. This figure has been high in demand, and so has been reissued. However, its popularity doesn’t have to do much with it being a very popular character, or a high quality figure which it is, but mostly because it has become one of the most hilarious Japanese memes ever created! If you don’t know what I’m talking about, let me introduce you to Hentai Woody.

Woody stealing panties or pantsu

Woody being pedo on Tsubasu

You can thank me for ruining your childhood later.

That is Woody’s second face, and if you’re wondering when the hell he ever made a face like that in Toy Story it’s apparently based off his laughing face. Although I think it might be from when Bo Peep gave him a kiss, and I don’t have the movie to verify it.

The face sold to the public, however, is the one below; which is a normal expression. The faces he has are quite interesting as the eyeballs can be positioned anywhere with adjustable knobs in the back of them.

Woody Revoltech figure

Woddy figure adjustable eyes

He also comes with 5 hands (although I’ll never know why Buzz Lightyear’s hand is one of them), goggles, a dart, a coin, and his laughing face.


Average online price: $37.29  Maker: Kaiyodo

Evangelion the Movie Trading Figures

Damn, my moon man’s not there, however these look like some pretty good trading figures amongst the million Evangelion figures sold everywhere; especially with their beautiful sculpting.


Sold in capsules, so you get a surprise with every one. Whether happy or unpleasant, can’t be guaranteed.

Average online price: $5.49  Maker: Kaiyodo

Figma Accel World: Kuroyukihime School Avatar Version

I love Figmas with every increasing day, and although I don’t know about this series, I’d still get her (if I wasn’t so poor and whatnot). The easily most capturing part of this figure are the large, simple wings. The anime hair fly away’s are very well done, and her outfit is perfectly recreated.

Accel figure with butterfly wings

She comes with three faces, a pig, umbrella, several hands, and a cane.

Average online price: $51.20  Maker: Max Factory

Lily from Anim.o.v.e

Lily is a Vocaloid, but not one of the famous ones. So it’s exciting she’ll be getting a new figure. This figure has been labeled as a premium figure. However, I find her not to be of extreme high quality, but I’d proudly display her. There is another figure made by the same company that’s more popular, so you have to carefully research this one to find out.

This is the figure the image is based from, which makes her even more exciting. Most fixed posed figures don’t have expressions like a wink, which makes her less generic than your average PVC figure, so get her before she runs out!

Lily figure illustration

My only regret is that she doesn’t look as bruised as she does in her illustration, and her wink lost its fierceness. I hope she could get a remake that makes her look exactly like she does in the image. This is probably the only time I’ll ever say Good Smile Company has disappointed me.

Lily overhead figure view

Average online price: $32.99  Maker: Good Smile Company

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chara box

No GravatarGFF is under way, and I’m really excited because I’m introducing a figure I’ve been looking forward to a really long time.

Princess Shirahoshi Excellent Model Portrait.of.Pirates Figure

This Princess Shirahoshi figure does justice to the  beautiful mermaid. The thing I love the most about the figure is all the attention paid to detail. Each scale stands out by itself and gives the long multicolored tail some realism. The balance between vivid color and transparent looking parts mix perfectly. It’s a definite must have for any One Piece fan.

mermaidmermaid close up

To remain true to the manga, Luffy should be smaller, but since I believe it’s mostly an artistic choice than a mistake it can easily be forgiven. My only real complain in the crack that can be seen behind her, right where the flowers and the coral reside on the rock, it’s distracting.

Maker: Mega House  Average online price: $119.33

Anime Chara Heroes One Piece D.P.C.F. Volume 1

This is the first out of what promises to be a new line of those lovable random assortment figurines. They stand 57 mm tall and have the heroes in cowboy getup and an assortment of villains in their normal costumes. There are 16 figures to collect, with a mystery figure known to be out there.

All figurineschara box

Maker: Plex  Average online price: $5.20

Avengers Head Knockers

More commonly referred to as bobble heads, but these are not your dad’s regular bobble heads (unless your dad is really cool). These are Avenger bobble heads worthy of displaying with dignity.

hulkiron mancaptain americathor

These figures stand alone without the need of a pole, and their base is the Avenger’s symbol. Sadly no Black Widow but there are all the most important heroes whose movies you’ve seen before.

Maker: NECA  Average online price: $17.95

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No GravatarWelcome to the third installment of Go Figures Friday. By the way folks, sorry for the delay last week but now let’s get to it!

My Little Sister Can’t Be This Cute PVC Trading Figures

Box and figurefive figures and secret

Trading figures makes me want to claw my eyes out because of the guessing games that come with them, but despite that, other collectors and I will collect them anyway. From the show My Little Sister Can’t Be This Cute comes a set of 6 figurines with 5 known characters and a secret 6th figure. I don’t know the show (but I will soon!) so I can’t provide a listing of them, but the illustration above should help you. All my research on what the mystery figure is has led me to dead ends, but my senses tell me it will be Kyosuke. If you decide to collect them, only one site sells them (Play-Asia) I hope you get the mystery figure at the first try.

Makers: Banpresto  Price: $6.90

Touhou Project Non Scale PVC Figures Hakurei Reimu and Kirisame Marisa


For fans of the Touhou Project these figures might be lovely, but they don’t do much other than sit there. But that’s okay, because it’s weird most figures are always standing up. I absolutely love how perfectly executed the deformation is done and the overall cuteness. If you plan to buy both, save up, because one is quite pricey.

Makers: Penguin Parade  Average online price: $58.90

Horizon in the Middle of Nowhere P-01s 1/8 Scale Figure

Last figure but definitely not least.

full view


Yep, guys will definitely love this one.

Just look at the hair.  It’s like she was captured violently turning around. And her detached emotionless expression is perfect for her character.

Maker: Wave Corporation  Average online price: $154.90