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In an interesting turn of events CastAR has brought in one of the most unlikely and talented teams to help create the future of AR and VR.

Eat Sleep Play was founded back in 2007 by Scott Campbell and God of War creator, David Jaffe. Since putting out Twisted Metal out on the PS3, the team has also worked on other titles like the soon to be released Drawn to Death as well as others.

The glasses themselves us a new technology call “retro-reflective” which guessing from the name I can only assume that they catch the light or projections and then are displayed through the glasses, definitely some worth keeping an eye on.


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One of the most anticipated games is coming to Playstation , in beta form. The open beta starts October 16th for Playstation Plus subscribers and October 23rd for everyone else. PS Vita users will be able dive right into the multiplayer beta starting tomorrow – no Plus subscription required. The Beta will support Cross-Play, so PS3 and PS Vita owners will be able to fight with and against each other.

Playstation has also detailed what will be available in this limited beta:

  • You’ll be able to play as KratosSweet ToothColonel RadecSly CooperPaRappa, and Fat Princess.
  • You’ll be able to play in both the Metropolis and Hades stages.
  • You’ll be able to try out four-player online tournaments and 2 v 2 online tournaments. For the 2 v 2 games we’ll be supporting friend invites, so you and a friend can fight another team online.This is just a small fraction of what Playstation is detailing and revealing for the beta. The beta will end rather soon, October 30th. Remember a pre-order program is currently running right now that unlocks a set of exclusive costumes in the game. Today they reveled the costumes as well which is the picture above.Source:


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Since being announced at E3 2010, the team at EatSleepPlay have been hammering away at the next entry in Playstation’s longest running franchise, Twisted Metal. Originally, the game was supposed to be released in October, yet was delayed in order to refine the heavily tested game. It was given a new release date of February 14th 2012, better known as Valentine’s Day in the US. In addition, we saw the unveiling of three trailers featuring the story mode characters, Sweet Tooth, Doll Face, and Mr. Grimm. This was followed with the debut of the game’s official launch trailer (see below).

This passed summer, when the game was still slated for its original release, legendary game director David Jaffe put out a tweet stating that he didn’t want to have rap music on the game’s soundtrack. This split the fans and caused an uproar of both hip-hop heads and non hip-hop heads.

David Jaffe then came out to stop the Twitter war, with news of custom soundtracks, along with the addition of two veteran hip-hop artists to the game’s official soundtrack, which already included songs from the hard rock and metal genres. Hip-hop Gamer of ROG’s sister site also has a song featured in the game’s end credits called Get Twisted.

In other Twisted Metal related news, players who pre-ordered the game received the DLC vehicle AXEL which will be released later on for purchase via the PS Store (We’re guessing there will be DLC packs with cars and maps in the future). In addition to the AXEL DLC, those who purchase the 1st printing of the game will receive a PSN Voucher for the PS2 classic Twisted Metal Black. More details are below in a video by David Jaffe. The game also came with a redeem code for a Sweet Tooth character skin in the upcoming Starhawk game.

In ROG and Twisted Metal News, I recently won David Jaffe’s Twitter Song Contest for a signed Sweet Tooth doll or t-shirt. I chose the doll and received it a day after the game released. Check this link below for the song, “SWEET TOOTH IS BACK”.

Sony/SSM/EatSleepPlay has also teamed up with NOS Energy Drinksto give gamers a chance to customize their favorite vehicles in the game via downloadable vehicle skins. Simply buy a can of NOS from any local store, redeem the code, and you will get the skins (and access to an online skin editor or UGC).



Jaffe also launched a bold marketing campaign called Some lucky fans got to control real machine guns remotely, allowing them to shoot up Sweet Tooth’s ice cream truck two days out from the game’s launch date.

After launch some players experienced problems connecting to online servers. David Jaffe responded with a series of updates detailing the steps both Sony and his team were taking to resolve the issues. Updates also included information on the UGC/Skin Editor. Here is the latest one below.

Congratulations to David Jaffe, Sony and Sony Santa Monica/EatSleepPlay for giving fans, as well as newcomers, a game that will set the tone for the rest of 2012. Look for the Twisted Metal full game review in the near future right here at Real Otaku Gamer and stay tuned for more information regarding our site relaunch coming in March.