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Listening to Senbonzakura with Miku

No GravatarHardcore Hatsune Miku fanboys and fangirls feel loneliness no more because the great and benevolent makers of… well essentially a waifu app with Miku, released a translation of their popular game unto the English market. But before spending your hard earned $3.99 on this app you must be asking yourselves is it any good?

Tutorial begining screen

Essentially the app claims it will allow you to “enjoy music more with Miku” and I say they’ve delivered pretty well on that promise. This is not a gaming app and has limited interactivity, so I only recommend this to hardcore Vocaloid fans. I shall explain it in greater detail after the pretty pictures.

End of tutorial screen

Forever and ever and ever…..

Listening to Senbonzakura with Miku

Just listening to Senbonzakura while Miku jams along makes this app worth every penny.

Essentially this is another type of music player. You pick what songs you want to listen to and when you press play you can get to listen to your favorite songs with Miku. Now let’s make it clear she doesn’t dance or sing along, she moves to the rhythm with some head bopping and other stuff to break the routine. The element that makes this app more than just a buddy to listen to music with is the interaction element.

You interact with Miku by gaining points you get from listening to music with her. When you spend a point you can ask her a question, get asked a question, and if you’re lucky get a high five. What’s truly a shame is some of the questions are repeated over and over again to the point you answer or ask other stuff out of boredom, she’s lucky all her reactions are cute.

Interesting answers


The Engrish isn’t strong with this translation, but it is present. The game is also riddled with glitches I randomly happen to stumble upon and definitely needs some fixing here and there. My main pet peeve is the bar with the time and battery life is present on top unlike other apps, and the game has a clock so it isn’t like I need it.

Item to collect: smartphone

At least she’s rich enough to get me nice things ^_^


The best part of this game though is the items she gives you when you fill the interaction bubble. It’s always interesting to see what the latest item she gave me is and I’m looking forward to getting every single one of them.

It’s a nice simple app to keep you company. Play too long with it and you will be bored, so just use it to fill in those calm moments when you listen to music to add flavor to your daily routine. If you need some more fanservice, there are 3 additional outfit and head sets, although I don’t think they’re worth their cost ($3.99 same as the game). You can get the game on iTunes now!

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No GravatarChibi Pa has kicked off today to the delight of many. One of our new writers, HMK, has hosted several panels today (and on his birthday, such a champ). I will be hosting panels tomorrow and Sunday while HMK will be hosting his podcast live tomorrow. Here are the events starting Saturday in chronological order.

Chibi Pa: Future

  • EPIC and HECTIC LIVE (JJ & HMK): Saturday 4-5 PM
  • Let’s Play with Slenderman! (Isabel): Saturday 9-10 PM
  • The History of Vocaloids and their Fandom (Isabel): Sunday 10 AM -12 PM

I will be giving away freebies courtesy of the website to anyone who attends my panels. We’ll have a lot of fun, guarantee. Chibi Pa is also an amazing convention that has welcomed us with open arms repeatedly, and for that we are proud to help them have another spectacular show! Anyone currently in South Florida should make sure not to miss this opportunity.

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No GravatarGFF is in session and found some pretty sweet figures that should be in high demand and sold out within a few days, I begin with….

Arkham City Play Arts Kai Batman and Robin

Remember seeing Robin in Arkham City and having your jaw drop because he became one of the sexiest things ever? I know I do. But back onto figures they made one of Robin and his former boss Batman.

Batman figureRobin figure

They’re both articulate and have extra parts. Robin has two hands and his famous baton while Batman has only one versatile grappling hook and three hands, one of which comes with claws.

Robin figure

It’s a bit sad Batman doesn’t come with loads of gadgets, remember when he had the most awesome utility belt one the planet? My only complain with Batman is he looks very bulky, even for modern Batman. Other than that we have another round of beautiful Square Enix masterpieces.

Maker: Square Enix  Average online price: $55.91

Super Sonico: Tiger Hoodie Version (Limited Edition Nendoroid)

Super Sonico with hoodieSuper Sonico singing

The figure is rather new, and I don’t know what its parts exactly are but it does come with a microphone and a guitar with at least three interchangeable faces.

Maker: Good Smile Company  Average online price: $78.13

GUMI Nendoroid

The Megpoid mascot finally gets her own Nendoroid figurine to the joy of Vocaloid fans everywhere. It surely resembles he lineness, except tinier and cuter.


She has other faces and changeable hands. There you see her winking while flashing a rock on sign!

Winking Gumi

There’s she’s putting her goggles on, not sure why she even has them in the first place but it looks cool.

Gumi with goggles on

And now for the ultimate adorableness she’s riding her character prop, a carrot with….. I don’t even know what to call that face but it WORKS.

Gumi on carrot

Maker: Good Smile Company  Average online price: $38.56

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Lily overhead figure view

No GravatarWelcome to Go Figures Friday! It’s been a while, but time to get back up on that horse. On that note I begin with…

SCI-FI Revoltech Woody (Re-run) 

Yeah, I know, I don’t cover re-runs, but this one has to be announced. This figure has been high in demand, and so has been reissued. However, its popularity doesn’t have to do much with it being a very popular character, or a high quality figure which it is, but mostly because it has become one of the most hilarious Japanese memes ever created! If you don’t know what I’m talking about, let me introduce you to Hentai Woody.

Woody stealing panties or pantsu

Woody being pedo on Tsubasu

You can thank me for ruining your childhood later.

That is Woody’s second face, and if you’re wondering when the hell he ever made a face like that in Toy Story it’s apparently based off his laughing face. Although I think it might be from when Bo Peep gave him a kiss, and I don’t have the movie to verify it.

The face sold to the public, however, is the one below; which is a normal expression. The faces he has are quite interesting as the eyeballs can be positioned anywhere with adjustable knobs in the back of them.

Woody Revoltech figure

Woddy figure adjustable eyes

He also comes with 5 hands (although I’ll never know why Buzz Lightyear’s hand is one of them), goggles, a dart, a coin, and his laughing face.


Average online price: $37.29  Maker: Kaiyodo

Evangelion the Movie Trading Figures

Damn, my moon man’s not there, however these look like some pretty good trading figures amongst the million Evangelion figures sold everywhere; especially with their beautiful sculpting.


Sold in capsules, so you get a surprise with every one. Whether happy or unpleasant, can’t be guaranteed.

Average online price: $5.49  Maker: Kaiyodo

Figma Accel World: Kuroyukihime School Avatar Version

I love Figmas with every increasing day, and although I don’t know about this series, I’d still get her (if I wasn’t so poor and whatnot). The easily most capturing part of this figure are the large, simple wings. The anime hair fly away’s are very well done, and her outfit is perfectly recreated.

Accel figure with butterfly wings

She comes with three faces, a pig, umbrella, several hands, and a cane.

Average online price: $51.20  Maker: Max Factory

Lily from Anim.o.v.e

Lily is a Vocaloid, but not one of the famous ones. So it’s exciting she’ll be getting a new figure. This figure has been labeled as a premium figure. However, I find her not to be of extreme high quality, but I’d proudly display her. There is another figure made by the same company that’s more popular, so you have to carefully research this one to find out.

This is the figure the image is based from, which makes her even more exciting. Most fixed posed figures don’t have expressions like a wink, which makes her less generic than your average PVC figure, so get her before she runs out!

Lily figure illustration

My only regret is that she doesn’t look as bruised as she does in her illustration, and her wink lost its fierceness. I hope she could get a remake that makes her look exactly like she does in the image. This is probably the only time I’ll ever say Good Smile Company has disappointed me.

Lily overhead figure view

Average online price: $32.99  Maker: Good Smile Company

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No GravatarHey kids! It’s October again! You know what this means?

Time for another round of degrading, horrifyingly terrible Halloween costumes. In other words the stuff the nightmares of cosplayers everywhere. These costumes are so terrible, their aim doesn’t even have to be to scare you to strike terror into your heart and leave you in a corner of your room in the fetal position. Whether it’s a blatant ripoff of one of your beloved characters, another repulsive “sexy” costume, or a failed attempt at originality, these costumes are all around us. This is just a personal account of what costumes I’ve found lying around the Internet, waiting for October to come out of the shadows and haunt the living.

Zombie Unicorn

Have you ever wondered what an attempt at taking the overrated unicorn and unifying it with the zombie genre would look like? Definitely not awesome. Scary. But not in the way that was aimed for.

Zombie unicorn dress plus headgear combo


This entire costume aims to punch MLP fans in the stomach by making a rainbow colored outfit, high heels, fishnet leggings, and a unicorn headband enough to classify as a unicorn. Also, it is a sad reminder to people who like zombies that apparently, anything with blood on it can become a zombie. If in the future there are costumes like “Zombie Armchair” you can blame it on monstrosities like this.

What makes me madder though is this.

Same outfit minus blood

It’s the exact same outfit! The only difference is there’s no blood and the makeup’s a bit different, which makes me imagine this happened after they shot this photo for the costume catalogue.

Director: Drats! We ran out of costume ideas and we only need one more.

Intern: I know! Let’s take this costume and…. put blood on it and stuff and it’ll be a zombie unicorn!

Director: Not bad, what with all these kids into zombies and horses nowadays it’ll be perfect! Fetch some of the leftover blood bottles from the other zombie shoots!

Just, no one should go to a zombie walk in that outfit…… or anywhere.


Fruit “Costumes”

The one thing that extremely bothers me about Halloween is the entire dress + quirky add ons = costume mumbo jumbo. This just takes something boring and manages to create another “sexy” costume. Like the next time a guy looks at the phallus shaped banana they’ll think of a hot chick.


This becomes sadder once you realize those outfits cost more than $50 each.


Job Costumes (including sexy ones I’d rather not put up)


Yes, I feel a need to address the work attire costume industry head on. Because:

  1. Some of those jobs are everywhere to be seen. They probably feel insulted people are wearing their “uniform” as a costume.
  2. Some of them don’t even dress like that (sexy teachers for example).
  3. They’re not original or interesting in any way. They just aren’t.


Digital Diva

Now I saved this one for last because it’s one of those ripoffs so insulting, you have to take a step back and reflect on your life a little bit. Alas I present to you “Digital Diva.”

Fake Miku

Capitalism at its finest!

Mmmmmh, that sure doesn’t resemble anything I’m familiar with.

Real Hatsune Miku

Actually you know what, yes, it completely does. And it’s a complete insult.

I know countless cosplayers who spend loads of money or a lot of time and effort to get an exact copy of the real outfit Hatsune Miku wears, and not only that one, but variations, alternates, video game, and live performance replicas. So dwindling all this down to a mini skirt, blouse, ties, leggings, boots, and arm warmers which is nothing like what her original outfit is, is a slap to the face.

I encourage costume companies to stop making horrible ripoffs like these and give credit to the original source of inspiration by making licensed costumes, before more people suffer because of these eyesores.

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August 17-19

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August 17-19

This convention is a can’t miss for geeks in Miami! The convention prides itself as an anime convention, but has expanded to include many fandoms including gaming, tabletop, and American pop culture. Panels to suit any tastes are abundant, but there are too many to cover. So all you need to know is yours truly will be hosting ROG panels the Saturday and Sunday of the con. Freebies will be given out to the lovely people who attend so I suggest you all come and enjoy yourselves, you might get something.


10-11 AM: The Birthday Panel

7:30-8 PM: Otaku on a Budget


1:30-3 PM: The History of Vocaloids

One of the main events this year is a new Masquerade Ball that will be held the Friday of the weekend. Saturday will also be host to a pool party and a cosplay contest, and while Sunday is the shortest day in convention time, it usually is the most relaxed one, perfect after two days of excitement so you can just lay back, chill with other fans and perhaps catch a few panels. Mizucon 2012 will be fun, so plan your days ahead of time to make the most of what it has to offer and just have fun!

The list of all the panels and events that will occur can be seen here.

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original image

No GravatarWelcome to the second installment of Go Figures Friday, today I have a nice assortment of figures too beautiful to resist.

Code Geass Lelouch of the Rebellion R2 1/8 Scale Kururugi Suzaku Knight of Zero

Code Geass action figures never cease to amaze me. This one was such a beauty I shed a manly tear.

suzakucape detailrobes off

Suzaku as the Knight of Zero. Quite pricey but completely worth it. You can just feel the wind blowing through his robe and the dark mood that envelops him as the show comes to its end. You can also remove the robe to show more of his powerful skinny frame. I’m getting him right after buying Lelouch in his emperor outfit, they totally complement each other.


I love the attention paid to details.

Makers: Alpha Omega  Average online price: $111.85

Bakuman Eiji Niizuma Nendoroid


Antagonist from a manga about…. well, drawing manga (from the makers of Death Note), Eiji is a rival manga artist. With extra legs and hands as well as three changeable faces, he’s an adorable addition to anyone’s collection.

Makers: Phat Company  Average online price: $56.65

Traveling Mood Hatsune Miku

Yep, another Vocaloid figure. There are so many of those I feel sorry for whoever aims to collect them all. This one in particular is based off the song “Traveling Mood” and the image in its original video. A beautiful figure which captures the airy feeling of impending adventure that life brings at times, it really stands out from other Miku figures.

original image


Makers: Kaiyodo  Average online price: $60.15

Chess Pieces Collection R One Piece Volume 1

One Piece’s rise in popularity seems to have resulted in a spawn of new figurines, and this new line of them only compliments it.

They’re all the characters after several years apart. There are six in total. Luffy, Chopper, Usopp, Sanji, Zoro, and Nami. Sorry Brook, Franky, and Robin fans. My only dissapointment is they’re random assortment boxes, so good luck guessing which you’re going to get or enjoy paying extra for them just so you don’t buy the same one twice (I hate it with a burning passion).

Makers: Bandai  Average online price: $9.49