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BlizzCon 2017 has just ended, but fans still want more from Blizzard Entertainment.

Hearthstone senior game designer Peter Whalen was asked at BlizzCon about the possibility of the game coming to Switch.

Whalen responded with:
‘I dunno, I don’t think anyone is working on it, but I wouldn’t rule it out either.’
‘Moving to tablets and phones was awesome. It made Hearthstone way more accessible for way, way more people, which is fantastic,’



Whelan then noted that ‘if there are other consoles or platforms that are good for us then that’s absolutely something we’d explore in time.’ While this doesn’t seem to say much, it is rather telling that Blizzard is using very specific wording when talking about the possibility of Hearthstone coming to Switch.


Would you want to play Hearthstone on Switch?



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Blizzard Classic Games Team recently did a survey talking about Wacraft 3 and the plans for it’s future.

Some very interesting things were discussed including balance changes,


Adjusting balance is a delicate process. We’re believe gradual change is the correct approach, because the Warcraft III ecosystem has been unchanged for so many years. We think good balance starts with competitive map pools. We are crafting a diverse selection of maps to encourage various gameplay styles; there will be maps that result in fast, frenetic games and others that allow for deeper, macro oriented play. As the community helps us make refinements and becomes comfortable with the new pools, we will introduce balance changes with a focus on maximum optionality between races.

Before people get too worried though, they also added that they are aware that too many changes can ruin the game.


There are two types of crazy ideas. The first kind: larger control groups, different AI or pathing, and the like would fundamentally break gameplay – and tend to get shouted down by our hardcore players. The second: like convert World Editor from JASS to LUA or add a fifth race are amazing, but would lead to a new game. We have some big ideas that people will be excited about – and we’re excited too – but first we need to get the basics right, and earn the community’s trust to make larger decisions in the future.

Warcraft III’s future seems to be in good hands and the team knows not to mess with the formula too much but does want to improve things. Now if we could only get Warcraft 4.


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Will we be making our way back to the world of Diablo II and Warcraft III in HD very soon?

A new job posting for a “UI/UX Visual Designer” role at Classic Games in Irvine, California has included an interesting part.

“Classic Games is looking for a renaissance designer to harmonize that which was, with that which will be. Warcraft, StarCraft, and Diablo await your machinations. If you have the desire to rise to that challenge, we’d love to hear from you.”

This is following a previous posting for Blizzard for a “Lead Software Engineer, Engine” role. This  one explicitly mentioned the following:

“Compelling stories. Intense multiplayer. Endless replayability. Qualities that made StarCraft, Warcraft III, and Diablo II the titans of their day. Evolving operating systems, hardware, and online services have made them more difficult to be experienced by their loyal followers or reaching a new generation.

“We’re restoring them to glory, and we need your engineering talents, your passion, and your ability to get tough jobs done.”

The posting’s  ‘Responsibilities’ heading also included a part about “implementing, maintaining, and own infrastructure for the Diablo franchise”

Will you make the journey back to hell?


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No GravatarThe Nintendo Switch is on a roll, and more games are announced every day. The system has attracted a lot of attention and it seems a big name is interested.

The day before Switch was first revealed, Blizzard responded to Nintendo’s announcement tweet with this tweet from their Hearthstone twitter account.

Obviously this was just a joke at the time, but it seems something might be coming of it.

In an interview, Hearthstone senior game designers Mike Donais and Matt Place were asked about the possibility of the game coming to the Nintendo Switch. They responded by saying  that considering the game is on tablets and phones, it would make sense that a Nintendo Switch version of the game would work well. As a result, it is something they are thinking about but cannot comment further on right now.

We don’t have any announcement yet, but it seems that Blizzard is indeed interested. Would you get the game on Switch?


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No GravatarAmazon UK  is listing The Book of Unwritten Tales 2 for Wii U with  Nordic Games as publisher. For those who are unaware, The Book of Unwritten Tales is a point and click adventure series set in a fantasy world. The Book of Unwritten Tales 2 came out in 2015 for PC and later came to consoles. The game has also been rated by the ESRB for Wii U so it seems to be true. The game is also very long for point and click adventure games, coming in around 20-25 hours with a lot of replay-ability. Nordic Games has been very supportive of Wii U including repeatedly putting the THQ games on sale, bringing Legend of Kay to the system and now this.


For those who want an idea of what the game is like, please see this video.


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Hearthstone: Heroes of Warcraft

The Good:

IT’S COMPLETELY FREE!! You don’t have to pay a dime to download it, which is the best type of game for me, but there’s a HUGE draw back when it has a optional paid service where one could buy packs and arena entries. How is this a good thing? You have the option to either buy with in game gold, or real life currency. (Packs are $1US  or 100 gold,with the more you buy the cheaper they are, where arena is $1.99US for a entry where it’s Blizzards idea of drafting.)

The HUD is insanely beautiful with all four corners of the play area intractable there’s a very low chance to be bored as your opponent smashes face. There are “Gold” versions of cards that you can get through playing the game, (Not sure if they are obtainable through crafting or opening packs.) and as of late they have added animation on all of the gold versions of cards.

HeartStone-Heroes-Of-WarcraftThe ability to disenchant cards to get what you want is a HUGE bonus in my book, as this is technically the only way to trade. There is not, and will never be, player to player trading, so this is the best as we can get!

If you happen to be a TCG freak like I am, or a Blizzard nut, you don’t have to be both to get into this game.  I have played many matches where I’ve thought “Who the hell is this?” but still enjoyed it to the fullest. With the past 10 years of playing TCG’s under my belt, it was insanely easy to pick up even with the easy to learn tutorial.

The arena is the easiest way to get a better experience out of the game. When you pick your random deck of 30 cards, you have a 12 game win cap. People who have achieved this awesome winning streak get things like crafting dust, gold, and packs. I personally am unable to achieve this feat but there’s players like Trump who have always gotten that far. I always recommend watching other players before you get into their games. (Don’t watch me play arena, I suck.)
The Bad:

The only bad thing is that when you collect packs and open them, you have a high chance of getting extra cards. The collection tab at the main menu will direct you to disenchant ALL extra cards because the max you can have of any one card is 2. Yes 2 copies of cards is also the most you can have in any one deck as well. (I’ve been spoiled for 4 copies of cards for years and was legitimately disappointed when I noticed this for the first time.)

After playing the game for a month, they started nerfing.

Hearthstone-Heroes-of-Warcraft-betaThe Ugly:

The idea of putting out a game with a optional paid service boggles my mind. I understand that it’s a optional service, but why put it in to begin with? The “Dailies” are there to assist you in acquiring gold but why couldn’t you just use that as the major currency of the game? The ability to “Pay To Win” is the only thing that would make this game a complete turn off to anyone.

Overall, the game is pretty solid now after a few patch updates after nerfing of the Mage, and Warlock classes. Even though I haven’t played in a while due to these patches it is a complete FREE package that can appeal to anyone.
Here’s a video of me playing through ranked mode! Enjoy!