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Logic Games are something I have recently been getting into. I have gained a desire to keep my mind sharp and broaden my way of thinking, so Word Logic by POWGI is a perfect game for me to try. The game involves word puzzles and is made up of minigames. To quote the Nintendo profile on the game….

Kriss Kross
The classic word-fit puzzle. Place words into the grid using their length as a guide, and using logic to make sure everything overlaps correctly!

Make new words by changing one letter at a time. Can you turn one word into another in a limited number of steps?

A cipher puzzle (also known as a cryptogram) which reveals a quote when you crack the code!

Word Sudoku
It’s sudoku with words! As an extra clue, one row or column will spell a word.

Several words have one letter missing. Deduce the correct letter to fill in the gaps and spell a new word!

Drawing inspiration from Minesweeper, the clues tell you which letter can be placed in an adjacent square. It’s a crossword-style puzzle solved using logic!

The games range from simple in theory to rather complex. Ladders seems like an easy game but gradually becomes trickier as you try and progress without slipping up. Wordsweeper is one of the most unique word games I have seen in a long time. Word Sudoku appealed greatly to me as a fan of Sudoku puzzles while the rest were…okay for lack of a better word. It isn’t that they are bad, it is just that they are not on the same level of quality and imagination as the other 3.

The games kept me thinking about how to progress and what to do and that is what I am looking for in logic games. Even if 3 of the games are not anything special, 3 games that really standout make this a worthwhile game to me. The games take full advantage of the Wii U gamepad to interact and I felt that was a great touch.

The music in this game comes off an very generic and is definitely a low point though. It just doesn’t feel like a good fit for a logic game. I personally muted the music and just played with no sound but you might like it.

In conclusion, I would suggest this game. It has 3 of the best word puzzle games I have seen in a long time, it will make you think, and uses the gamepad well. It is worth a look.