Takara/ Hasbro’s latest Masterpiece Transformer is Sideswipe
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I was relieved to find the following magazine scan of  Takara/Hasbro’s latest addition to their Masterpiece Transformers Series. After many versions of Optimus Prime and equally as many of the Seeker Decepticons, fans finally get a new mold. Behold! It is none other then Sideswipe (a.k.a. Lambor in Japan) This smooth looking candy red Lamborghini has always been a fan favorite amongst Transformer fans worldwide, and evidently deserves to be immortalized as a Masterpiece toy.

Even though the prototype has not been colored yet, you can cleary see all the rich detail in this mold, and the streamlined bot with their ‘alt’ modes. This is definitely one bot that needs to stand proud next to my MP 1B Black Convoy. Although it will probably dwarf in Black Convoy’s presence.

The new Lamborghini mold offers a great opportunity to  get some more versions out.  A Sunstreaker would only need a yellow paint job, new head, and boosterpack to look totally different without creating a fully new mold. What I personally really would like to see is a version of Stunticon Breakdown, or even Autobot Red Alert. Let’s just hope Takara/Hasbro’s design team is thinking the same.

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  1. OSkG_Pinto says:

    TFSource website states that MP-12 Sideswipe/ Lambor will be released somewhere in Fall 2012. MP-12A and MP13 should be coming out in December 2012.

    MP-12A Red Alert confirmed:

    MP-13 Soundwave confirmed:

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