THE KING OF FIGHTERS XIV: Team Another World Trailer
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Atlus and SNK have released a new trailer for The King Of Fighters XIV. This time Team Another World is shown off in all their glory.

An ominous being is en route to the tournament, so this has spurred Team Another World to enter our realm and save it before all is lost.
Does this trio of interdimensional heroines have what it takes? Leading the team is the Maiden of Light from Samurai Showdown, Nakoruru! She gathered Team Another World and traveled through time and space to THE KING OF FIGHTERS XIV tournament. This nature loving Ainu priestess is sure handy with a sword, and cuts through opponents with her Dancing Sword Arts of the Shikanna-Kamui style. Believe it or not, swordplay is NOT her most dangerous weapon. Oh no, her most dangerous asset is her wonderfully named pet hawk Mamahaha. For example, Mamahaha can dive bomb enemies and pick Nako up into the air to confuse/terrorize opponents. Although Nakoruru is a peace loving gal, she’ll introduce adversaries to a world of hurt  if necessary. Next up we have Mui Mui, a member of a legendary ancient Chinese clan who fights with a powerful Kung Fu style. Even though she’s small in stature, the dragon blood running through her veins gifts her with great strength rivaled only by her voracious appetite. Mui Mui used to protect her clan’s treasure in her world, but accepted Nakoruru’s plea for help in order to track down this being. She won’t go home until the job’s done, but at least she’ll be able to enjoy some of this  realms delicious food. The final member of Team Another World is the Peace Pirate Love Heart. Before being selected onto the team, she was busy seeking vengeance  against the Skull Pirates for killing her father. Love Heart is a powerful combatant who fights with a sword and great skill, and wants to help finish Nakoruru’s questas soon as possible to get back to her task.
Will the heroines from Team Another World save our world?

This is a really cool looking team and I am looking forward to the game! Check out the Trailer below.


Source: Atlus PR



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