THE KING OF FIGHTERS XIV: Team South Town Trailer
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No GravatarSNK and Atlus have released a new trailer for The King of Fighters XIV, this time showing off Team South Town.


Nothing’s Gonna Ever Keep Them Down in THE KING OF FIGHTERS XIV
Watch Team South Town Strike With No Mercy in the New Trailer!

With series regulars Geese Howard, Billy Kane, and the newly introduced Hein, Team
South Town is basically Team Fatal Fury with bad guys in THE KING OF FIGHTERS XIV.
Let’s start with Geese Howard, the notorious crime lord from South Town who reminds
me of a villain from a popular 1980s karate kids movie. He utilizes the Hakkyokuseiken
style, and mercilessly brutalizes unlucky opponents with a mix of electric strikes
and throws. Geese is big, bad, and ready to prove that he’s the strongest fighter
on the planet by crushing the competition in the tournament. However he can’t do
it alone, so he’s joined by his right hand man Billy Kane and dapper new bodyguard
Hein (who legitimately all remind me of 80s villains). The bandana wearing Billy
wields a tri-section staff which he uses to teach opponents all about his Bojutsu
mastery and affinity for fire. On the other hand, Hein is ready to fight with his
chess inspired fighting style called “Gambit.” When he’s not busy adjusting his
glasses and fixing his tie, Hein puts his lanky limbs to deadly use and also appears
to control some sort of dark-red energy in combat.
Can Geese and co. sweep (the leg of) THE KING OF FIGHTERS XIV tournament and prove
that they’re the best? around?

Geese is a fan favourite and for him to be playable again is great!

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