THE KING OF FIGHTERS XIV: Team Women Fighters Trailer
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Atlus and SNK have released the final team trailers for The King of Fighters XIV. Here we have Team Women Fighters which includes newcomer Alice.


Team K’ appears to have all the right tools and skills to go the distance, but can they withstand the awesome might of girl power? That’s because Team Women Fighters plans to win the tournament in spectacular fashion just because they can. First off, we have the iconic ninja Mai Shiranui! The only thing more dangerous than her looks is her skill with Shiranui-ryuu Ninjutsu and ability to create fire. She may act like a totally ditz, but that’s just so she can lure enemies into a false sense of security before thrashing them with masterful ninja techniques. Next up, we have the hard-hitting bartender King. Although King can whip up a deliciously dangerous Mai Tai, she prides herself on whipping opponents in the ring with her deadly Muay Thai strikes. Don’t sleep on her, unless you want to get rudely awoken by some ‘bows to the face.  The last piece of the team is the bubbly Alice who models her fighting style after her idols Terry and Andy Bogard and Joe Higashi. Although she might not emulate their styles perfectly, she’s still a very capable fighter who hits opponents so hard that money flies out of their pockets!It’s safe to say that Team Women fighters have one of the best shots at the tournament belt.

You can check out the trailer below.

We will have a review of The King of Fighters XIV on the site in the next little while. Please check back for that.

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