The Last of us Demo First Impressions.
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Amazing is one of the many words that can describe the game. Many of our editors have given the game a go, many were left in shock and in awe on how beautiful this game is. The Uncharted series creators, Naughty Dog,  have done it again and absolutely have another hit on their hands with The Last of us.


The demo was recently released to those that bought God of War: Ascensions, load the game and download the demo from there if you haven’t already done so. After downloading it, there will be a second download when launching the game.

The game does a great job of showing the mechanics of how the game works. The first part of the game takes you through the scenery  allowing you to experience the games graphics. It also gives you a basic understanding of how to crouch, climb and pick up items. At one point in the game, I ran into a situation where I couldn’t figure out how to climb up a wall with vines growing out of it. Maybe it was just me, but I spend quite some time on it. I cut that out of the video considering how time consuming that was. Moving past the dead bodies that have been torn to shreds, we are presented with a body so “infected” that once the main character moves the body it turns into dust. From here we are introduced to our first enemy, a Clicker.

Clickers are infected humans that are so badly infected they are completely blind and use a clicking noise as a type of sonar to find their prey. In the game they are best described as bats. In the game if you hide behind something they can’t see you, seeing as how the noise passes overhead or around you. At that point you can launch a brick or bottle to get their attention else where and away from you. These are the most difficult enemies to beat in the demo.

After getting passed the Clicker and moving a bit forward, you’re presented with some eerie moaning coming from all sides. This is where the game basically tells “Hey you like this game so far? Well, f*** you. Here have a ton of Runners after you”. Yes, we are now introduced to Runners. Runners are NOT blind and chase after you. They chase you so that they can give you hugs…. deadly hugs. This part of the game almost made me rage, I was killed several times.

The demo was a great idea on Naughty Dog, I would highly suggest to them to make this demo more available to the public instead of a download via GOW. I’m sure when the game is available on June 14th, we should see a demo. This is a must have game! Naughty Dog did an excellent job with this game and I’m just speaking on the demo. I can only imagine what the actual game will be like.

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