The Last of Us:First Impressions
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Since its announcement earlier this year I have been gitty as all get out, and have very much anticipated this title with skepticism. A new IP coming out of the wood work, backed by one of the most legendary video game companies in existence. So I left my expectations in the dark. Held with a taste of anticipation, and a dash of worry. Could they pull it off; could they deliver a new IP that enters the arena strong? After tonight’s showing there is no doubt in my mind this is one of the strongest, if not the strongest, titles to come out of Naughty Dog. 

The demo began relatively slow to the previously fast paced God of War Ascension demo. The two worked their away around the world, confused as to how they were going to get to the bridge. They engage in random banter, observing the broken world around them, as the push their way through.

Suddenly the team of two, an old war horse and a twelve year old no nothing, are faced with a group of roughed out survivalists in a run down hotel. An epic battle ensues that employs stealth, cunning, and strategy.

This is all known from the demo shown during the conference. My impression of it is one that forces the player to think a hundred steps ahead. A game that not only employs combat and platforming, but also the need to survive in a once functioning world. From what I’ve seen, and from what most have seen for that matter, I think we all can agree this is going to be one for the ages. A tale of adventure; of forgotten relics; of survival; of friendship, and inevitably loss.You can expect to see this game in full action this coming late 2012 early 2013 year for the Playstation 3.

While no video has been uploaded yet, you can be sure to see more updates about this game in the coming days, as this article will be updated periodically as more details emerge.


You can watch the gameplay footage via Naughty Dogs you tube feed bellow.

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