The Wait Was Worth it: Super Robo Mouse Review (WiiU)
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RCMADIAX is a prolific developer for the Wii U eshop. I have reviewed games of his that  liked, such as Avoider, and some that I hated such as Skeasy . In my reviews of his games, I would mention how much I was looking forward to his upcoming game, Super Robo Mouse. Well the game has come and I think it is RCMADUAX’s best game yet.

The game is simple yet complex and extremely addictive. Guiding Robo Mouse through mazes filled with obstacles and facing many challenges, this is most definitely RCMADIAX’s biggest game so far and it is clear a lot of work and attention was put into it.

The controls are solid if a little loose at times. That isn’t a problem for the most part but every now and then it can cause some issues with hitting an obstacle and dying as a result. Its very annoying but nothing too major and can hopefully be fixed done the line.

The music in the game is solid if a bit unusual for my liking but I can see how it does fit into the game’s theme. The sound effects in general all work great, with the minor exception of sometimes cutting out at random intervals further into the game. It only occurred midway into the game and not before or after so that is something.

Visually the game is awesome and I like the detail put into even the smallest things. It is clear that this game was a labor of love for RCMADIAX and a lot of effort was put into it.

But is it fun?

Yes, yes it is. The game is fun but hard. You will die over and over again and keep coming back for more, because the game has that special something that makes you want to play it.

Final Thoughts

The wait was worth it for this game and I applaud RCMADIAX on this effort. You did not let me down. I recommend this game.


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