These Consoles Are Now Connected – Kingdom Hearts III Announcement
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Many fans have been wondering and asking and begging to know when Kingdom Hearts 3 would come out. Well ladies and gentle, we still don’t know. But we do know that the game is in development. Fan rejoiced at the Playstation conference at E3, when the teaser trailer showed off Sora parkouring through the streets running from a tidal wave of heartless chasing him. Not much was shown other than the in-game graphics, which looks beautiful, and the they are changing up the combat system once again. Check out the teaser here:


Not a lot is known yet but here is what we do know. The synopsis is that This is NOT a Playstation 4 exclusive.  It has been confirmed that this will appear on Xbox One. Nothing is known yet if any system might have exclusive or timed content. No worlds have been confirmed, although the trailer does show off what appears to be a section of Twilight Town, but DIsney has confirmed that new worlds will be introduced. Series director Tetsuya Nomura stated that this game won’t be the last in the series but it will wrap up the saga of Xehanort, the series main antagonist. Sora, however, will continue until the series is over. I have been with the series since the beginning when I reluctantly rented the “kiddy Disney game” and discovered just how fun and engage it was. I’m looking forward to seeing what else they bring the KH3 and getting my hands on it. There is no release date yet but the game is in development.


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