Tower of Babel Runs Onto Nintendo Switch – Review
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Code given by developers.

Tower of Babel is a game that has you running up a wicked tower and then another and so on. Each tower involves different movements which make game play different.  This game is based really on your ability to speed through the towers as you are timed. The faster you go the higher your place on the leaderboard. This is certainly one of those games that makes you try really hard to complete as fast as you can.

The controls are simple,  as you can slow down by tilting the control stick to the left and pushing it to the right speeds you up, A is to jump and B allows you to slip under things.  All these commands are easy to use yet when you are forced to complete a tower in under a minute in a half things get tricky quickly. This game is unforgiving and will send you back to the bottom of course if you fail. As you climb you collect gems and dodge traps. These traps require pristine action on your part or your character will die. It is a hectic game and one that will certainly fill a need in some players. I am certainly not one of those people.

The game honestly feels like an older game. Something I would have played years ago, maybe in a school computer lab. Now, that isn’t to say this game is terrible, it just really is older school than many games. This game really does just rely on you learning the tower and quickly manuvering your way up to the top and then running back down. Speed is key and that is really where this game lands.I’m sure that there are many people out there that would enjoy this game. But, I am certainly not in that group. It is a nice game, and one that I enjoyed for a bit but I have never been one to care about leaderboards. This game lends itself to be one that inspires competition and speeding through, and while I applaud the creators I will certainly not be putting hours upon hours into this game.

Tower of Babel is out now for the Nintendo Switch! Pick it up and see if you are built for running up and down dangerous towers!

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