Toy Story 3 Review
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No GravatarIf you been living under a rock for the last 14 years, Toy Story has changed the movie game, like Jay-Z changed the rap game, with the 1st movie made totally in CGI (Computer Generated Images) and it basically what happens if toy’s were alive? The 1st two movies showed the adventures of a young boy named Andy, and his to favorite toys Sheriff Woody and Buzz Lightyear intergalactic space ranger of Star Command. At first the two were enemies, frenemies and then best buddies. While sticking together,they have been through many adventures but nothing could prepare them for what was ahead. While Andy was growing up, Woody and Buzz met new characters along the way. They met  Woody’s Round Up Gang, composed of Jessie The Yodeling Cowgirl, Bullseye, Woody’s trusty and noble steed, and Stinky Pete the Miner who wanted them all to be immortalized in a museum thousands of miles away, But Woody and the Gang stopped that from happening.

In Toy Story 3, Andy is leaving for college and his mother gives him a week to get all of his belongings together either to 1. Take with him to college, 2. donate to a day care, 3. Or throw in the trash. Before this Woody, Buzz and the gang try one last time to get played with and it fails when Woody was chosen to go to college, and by mistake the rest of the gang all go to the day care. The day care center is run by Lots of Fuzz the bear who smells like strawberries, and who they call Lotso and everything is perfect, at the moment. The movie has so many twist and turns that you won’t know what will come next and even the ending is something they could have made into another sequel but its safe to say it ends… it began.

The movie was not seen in 3-D and the CGI for this movie was optimized for it, but it is still the same top-notch quality that the other two movies. One more thing is this film will almost bring you to tears.   When remembering going into the theater with my family and now going in by myself as a grown man, just like Andy was in the movie makes you reflect on your relationships. As a hip hop fan made me think that the song by Drake and Lil Wayne called Miss Me, could fit the trailer well if shown to a group of 17-21 year old on Facebook. All In all, It showed me that in growing up we should never leave the ones we love, but even if we have to, we must make sure they are safe, loved and one day still be there when we return.

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