Urgent Fury Dust Tournament Shows Major Love To Starhawk
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Our friends at Urgent Fury and Brady Games are hosting two weeks of tournaments for Starhawk on the PlayStation 3.

Introducing the Urgent Fury Dust Tournament.

Dust is a Starhawk® tournament series designed to give teams an enhanced experience competing online in a cheat free and respectful environment. Each team will battle it out online in eight versus eight matches, preparing their teams for an upcoming Scenario Based TacMap Tournament to be held this summer. Prizes and additional sponsors will be announced at a later date. The Tournament starts in August, but you have to be pre qualified before you can jump in. Slots are filling up quickly, so you need to get over to Urgent Fury and get your information in.

Urgent Fury is one of the best Tournament communities on the net today. For seven years they has had a reputation of providing an excellent tournament experience like no other. Using the Scenario Based TacMap Tournament model, They have provided a fair and cheat free tournament experience. These guys know their stuff and we ate Real Otaku Gamer are eager to work with them on our upcoming tournament projects. So go and check the out at www.urgentfury.com and join this and many other tournament they host.



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