Where’s My Coffee?: Johnny Platforms Biscuit Adventure Review
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Any game that has the title of Johnny Platform’s Biscuit Romp deserves at least a curious look if not a serious play through.  If the developer’s intention was draw people’s attention to the game via the title then it certainly worked for me.

The Retro Feel Works Well With the Game

Developed by UK based developer IshiSoft and released on 26/12/2008 on X Box Live Indie Games, Johnny Platform’s Biscuit Romp actually started out life as a DS homebrew game.  During it’s port over to the XBLIG scene it has gained some five extra levels plus some re-organization of existing levels.

The object of the game is simple.  Destroy all of the evil robots on each level and progress to the next one.  It is simple, addictive retro fun.

Johnny Platform is certainly an interesting character looking like something Tim Burton would create mixed in with a bit of a gremlin as well!  Not only does he not look like your typical would be hero, he also has an addiction to cups of coffee which the player can collect on each level.  Although collecting the coffee cups is not necessary to complete a level if you collect enough cups you get a bonus life so it is worth taking every opportunity to pick up as many as possible along the way.

The way to get off each level is to kill all of the evil robots running around on the screen.  You can do this via the classic platform method of jumping on their heads or by dropping items such as blocks on them.  Some robots are static and others move about.  Some fire at you as well but fortunately Johnny can duck down under the projectiles.

Each level has it’s own unique challenge for Johnny to overcome.  For example you may not be able to access a platform because it is too high to jump on.  The solution is to push a block so you can access this but some are round shaped and they will continue to roll so you need to find a way of stopping them rolling.  It is simple enough stuff but it is fun to do and adds a nice touch to the platform element.  In addition there are environmental hazards such as spike pits which add considerable difficulty when you need to kill bad guys who have taken to walking in the spike pits!  One touch from the deadly spikes and Johnny is a goner!

Remember To Get Those Cups Of Coffee

Dying is not the end of the world though.  Every so often you reach a checkpoint which you can select to start from on the game’s title screen.  This saves on the frustration making coming back to the game more desirable.

The games design is certainly retro in it’s presentation and execution.  It is not a scrolling platform game.  Each level is a static screen which harks back to an old Commodore 64 game called Creatures which was a brilliant platform puzzler.  Some of the levels you can fly through but as the game progresses you will need to take time to figure out how to complete a level as it may not be immediately clear.  The game certainly knows how to keep the challenge going.

Graphically the game does a great job.  It has a retro feel to it but everything is clear and well presented.  The screen is centered in the middle of the television but is clear enough and harks back to a day when games were bright and colorful.

Accompanying the retro graphics is a suitably retro soundtrack.  Johnny has a few utterances when he completes a level or is killed.

To sum up, Johnny Platforms Biscuit Romp may take the award for the zaniest title I have heard for a long time but there is a fun and challenging platform game to be found that will keep you coming back for more.  You can download it from X Box Live Indie Games for 80 points or you can try out the free trial.  It is well worth looking at, especially if you are a fan of platform games and or retro titles.  Now, where is my cup of coffee!


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  1. roninbearNo Gravatar says:

    This game definately has that old arcade appeal! The graphics are worthy of 80’s reminiscing at the local video arcade, and the piles of quarters waiting to be the next one to challenge the champion.

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