Why I’m Not Buying Anymore New Games This Year
By Jessica Brister On 10 Nov, 2014 At 07:26 PM | Categorized As Editorials, NINTENDO, PlayStation, Xbox 360/Xbox One | With 0 Comments

No Gravatar2014 has been a rough year for me and gaming.  It was supposed to be a magical year where I got to see all of the wonders of next-gen gaming.  It was supposed to be a year where I got tons of new games for my shiny new PS4.  Instead, I got a lot of disappointment.  Here is the list of games I’ve purchased this year:

Infamous: Second Son (PS4)

Outlast (PS4)

Titanfall (PC)

Watch Dogs (PS4)

Sims 4 (PC)

Destiny (PS4)

Middle Earth: Shadow of Mordor (PS4)

Borderlands: The Pre-Sequel (PS3)


Only two of the games on the list–Shadow of Mordor and The Pre-Sequel–I felt were decent purchases (note that the Borderlands game is technically last gen even though it came out this October).  The rest were either good but not great or complete disasters.  I would try some Nintendo Wii U games, but I haven’t seen much that would interest me nor do I want to buy another console right now.  Needless to say, this has been very disappointing for me.  I really had high hopes for this year’s games, and they really didn’t turn out that great.  It also didn’t help that I 2013 gave me two amazingly awesome games: The Last of Us and BioShock: Infinite.  I suppose in a way after those games, most titles would be a letdown.

For a moment, I was sad enough about the state of video games that I wanted to call it quits and find a new hobby.  I’m really tired of being disappointed.  But it’s the older games that are keeping me going.  Some of my favorites like Borderlands 2,BioShock, Mass Effect 2, Skyrim, and Sims 3 are making me remember that there is such thing as a good game.

So at this point, I have decided to lay off the new game purchases for awhile.  Don’t get me wrong: If I see a good Steam sale on something that I’ve wanted for awhile, or if I’m walking around the store and see a game on discount, I will get it.  I may also ask for some games for Christmas.  However, there will be no more pre-ordering this year and no more full price gaming purchases.  I just can’t keep getting disappointed.  Besides, I probably won’t feel as bad if I get a game that’s only okay if I get it on discount anyhow.

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