Wii U Gamepad Update- Faster Way to Play
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During Nintendo’s Investors briefing much was revealed, mostly about the company’s future plans and marketing strategy’s. There is one thing within all this new info we are digesting today that we just might see sooner rather than later it is a Wii U system update. This update will provide the Wii U a boost to the timing of the systems start up so, that we all can get to gaming faster than before. This option will let the users select from a list of recently played games as soon as you turn on the Wii U Gamepad’s screen which will have the Wii U load up instantly after you select which Mii user will play said game. We have not received any concrete info here at ROG when this update will come to us but, we can provide you this video below showing you how this will all go down when it does release.

Video provided by Go Nintendo

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