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Best Played of 2013

Tomb Raider– Tomb Raider was all I wanted it to be. That might not be saying much given I have no background with Tomb Raider outside of Angelina Jolie, but I know of its past. While I agree with what others had to say about it in terms of uneven combat (though good for people like me who fail miserably without a little help) and little in the way of actual tomb raiding, this was a great game. It reinvented Lara Croft in the best way, despite going a bit overboard in the abuse department. I loved it, and would suggest it to anyone.


Don’t Starve– I’m not a big fan of Sandbox games. After a while I get to a point where I’m asking myself why I should still be playing, there are no goals. In some ways I feel that way about Don’t Starve, but I played this game for hours at a time. You sit down to it, begin collecting things, and you just can’t stop. Even though all you’re doing is ensuring a little bit more survival time you always feel compelled to do more. The more you do the more things become available. It’s a never ending adventure, and if you really need a story this is the perfect game to invent your own.


BioShock: Infinite– BioShock caught me off guard when I first purchased it. I wasn’t a fan of First Person Shooters, definitely not a fan of horror, and I spent half my time playing it standing in rooms waiting for something not to happen. I really had to make myself keep going, but the story was so worth it. I immediately bought BioShock 2 when I finished, so when Infinite was announced I was excited again. Infinite has its flaws, combat being rather stale and narrow compared to previous games, but I’m always in it for the story. In that respect, BioShock: Infinite does not fail. The story is the same brilliant as previous games and had me hooked from beginning to end. This is a must if you’re a BioShock fan, including the DLC Burial at Sea.


Dishonored: The Brigmore Witches– Dishonored was not a new release this year, but it did release some DLC: The Brigmore Witches. A previous DLC was Knife of Dunwal, where you play as an assassin named Daud during the main plot of Dishonored. KoD and TBW are the same story split in two, and could have been released together. In ways I wish that’s what had been done, but I get why that didn’t happen. However, Dishonored has made its way onto my all-time favorite list, and the DLC is a good part of that. The Brigmore Witches was amazing. It opens you to new characters, environments, and lore. I loved every minute of it. With all the familiar mechanics of the main game, plus some new ones, you’ll be Blinking your way to victory in a bloody or stealthy path.


Game Dev Tycoon– I didn’t play this as much as I would have liked, but Game Dev Tycoon was a nice example of something out of the ordinary. It freely makes fun of itself and the industry, but it’s compelling none the less. If you’ve wanted a loose interpretation of how the critics would review your greatest game idea then check this out. You could cheat your way through, people have spent hours figuring the exact calculations of how to get the best score, but don’t spoil it. Decide if you want story or graphics, are you developing for the PC or Playsystem, should you focus on AI or Level Design. Just have fun with this game, and laugh all the way to the fictional bank.


Best Watched of 2013

These are games I only got to experience via YouTube, and are examples of why I support YouTube creators so whole heartedly.

Dead Space 3– I’ve yet to actually play this game even though I own it, and that’s mostly because I get so much out of the story by watching Jesse Cox play it. I may be biased towards him, but either way this game looks amazing. From fighting Necromorphs to destroying Markers this is a solid horror story. On the one hand, Dead Space 2 and 3 have been lacking in the scary department, but this is just an evolution of story for me. Watching a silent Isaac in Dead Space traverse a huge ship via tram was gripping, seeing him come to life, fall in love, and unravel a greater mystery is even better. Isaac is off to the Marker home world, will he make it back?


SimCity– SimCity is one of those games that sounds amazing to play, but I know I would fail in dramatic fashion. I have a certain logic that doesn’t apply to gaming algorithms. However, watching Sips play SimCity has been a highlight of my year. Not only does he deal with the failings magnificently, but he gives every building on that screen a story. Games like this intrigue me because it puts my mind whirring about how a city actually operates. Would my idea of taxes, waste management, and power coverage work? Could I create a utopia or would it crumble in minutes? You don’t know until you try, and SimCity is the best way to go. I would also recommend Democracy 3 as well, as it has a similar play style only politically focused.


The Last of Us– The Last of Us is one of those games that makes me wish I played on consoles. The major reason I did not play this for myself is because it was a PlayStation exclusive, and I don’t own one. Instead I had to make do with watching Hannah Rutherford of the YOGSCAST do her play through. I can’t speak for the controls outside of seeing Hannah struggle a bit in places and that I’ve heard they were terrible, but for a story like this I can handle bad controls. The Last of Us took a unique view on zombies, and unique view on a zombie story. Instead of the young dashing hero you are given a more experienced one who struggles with his charge of saving the girl who could change everything. Play this game, or if you’re like me and without a PS, watch this game. The only other thing I want to say about it is that I feel like it competes with Beyond: Two Souls as far as story goes, but I put my money on Last of US any day.


The Wolf Among Us– I have fallen for TellTale games. I didn’t jump on the Walking Dead game until this year but it was worth it. The Wolf Among Us is no exception. The first episode was one of those stories that got under my skin, and should I ever think about it I still have the same feelings as when I was watching it. If I could spare the $22 I would buy this game no question. It’s got fairytales and New York City, two of my favorite things. This one comes highly recommended by me to be played, mostly because your choices mater, but if you don’t get it at least watch someone else play it.


The Stanley Parable– All I can say about this game is that if you haven’t seen anything about it yet then you should go buy it and play it and just enjoy the heck out of it. I really spoiled any play through on my behalf because I watched it without knowing what it was. This game is just fantastic, and you should pick it up without spoiling anything.


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