Xbox Scorpio Details Revealed
By Jonathan Balofsky On 6 Apr, 2017 At 07:50 AM | Categorized As News, ROG News, Xbox 360/Xbox One | With 0 Comments

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Digital Foundry visited Microsoft and got a good look at the Xbox Scorpio and the specs of the system. For one thing, it is confirmed to be much more powerful than the PS4, but will cost significantly more due to the tech involved. According to DF, it will have richer visuals and better framerates than the Pro and will be a true Native 4K box, which is something Microsoft will tout.

There will be a boost feature for Xbox One games to use the full power of the Scorpio. Xbox is promising full backwards compatibility and promises the games will look better and run better. This is due to the new,  4 times more powerful GPU, and will have better resolution, loading times and stable framerate. As well, the Scorpio has more memory as well, and will use that as extra RAM to load games faster.



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