Yakuza 0 “The Business Edition” Announced + Trailer
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No GravatarSega has announced Yakuza 0 “The Business Edition”, a deluxe edition of the game that comes with multiple bonuses/ They have also released a new trailer for the game that can be seen below.

Putting the term “organized” in “organized crime” means one thing and one thing only: Taking care of business. And in Yakuza 0’s 1988-era Tokyo, business is BOOMING. And I say that with zero hyperbole because Yakuza 0’s main protagonist, Kazuma Kiryu goes from debt collector (the physical kind) to real estate mogul within the red-light district of Kamurocho. Or in Goro Majima’s case, the manager of The Grand Cabaret. What, you thought Kiryu just swaggered around town in his boss suit for no other  reason that it made him look like a badass? WRONG! It’s to look like a badass AND take care of business.

So, in keeping line with that tradition of getting things done, we’ve created the Yakuza 0 “The Business Edition” for everybody who pre-orders or manages to snag a launch day copy of the game. How will this help, you might ask? Because we’ve included the following:A Stainless Steel Business Card Holder – This edition of the game will come with an ultra sleek business card holder tailor made for gangster executives. Show everyone in the boardroom you mean… business when it’s time to whip out the cards, because Kiryu’s ‘Ryu’ (dragon) and Majima’s ‘Hanya’ (demon) tattoo design adorn each side of the card holder.

Three Business Cards – In addition to the card holder, the Business Edition also  comes with three professional business cards from Tachibana Real Estate’s Kazuma Kiryu, Cabaret Grand’s Goro Majima, and the cabaret club Sunshine’s hostesses. A major key to business is networking, so it would probably be a good idea to keep these cards somewhere close at hand. Besides, who wouldn’t want a colorful card graced with the lovely ladies from Sunshine?

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