Yet Another Threat To Free Internet! This Time With The UN!
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Hey everyone, remember this little incident with two pieces of legislation called SOPA and FIFA that made several Internet giants and many other smaller websites including ours mad enough to protest and engulf the Internet in a black sea of rage?

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Well imagine this time there’s “changes” that will be made to laws that can end up threatening the Internet liberty countries all around the world, especially ones that have people without freedom to express themselves offline. The United Nations is planning to hold a meeting in December lovingly entitled The World Conference on International Telecommunications to make changes to the International Telecommunications Regulations which permits us to have the Internet we know of now. Countries have already been reported to hold meetings out of the public eye to discuss possible amendments that would impose Internet regulations. It is a very real threat.

How will the Internet react this time around? It is not known but when the time comes we’ll show just  how powerful we are. Google has taken the incentive to lash out, help them out. And more importantly, start spreading the news to your online friends. We’ve done it once before and we’ll do it again. Wherever from you are reading this, undoubtedly from the Internet in some shape or form, you have the ability to speak out against it now, use it before it’s too late.

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