ZenFa Productions’ New Wii U Game Revealed: Drop It: Block Paradise!
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No GravatarIn a recent interview with 4ColorRebellion, Greg Wiggleton of Zenfa Productions revealed his studio’s next game, Drop It: Block Paradise! a licensed redux of Blok Drop U by RCMADIAX

Here is a portion of the interview:

Drop It: Block Paradise! is a physics based puzzle game with the object of safely guiding the main Star to the ground level by removing other blocks around you while trying to rank up crazy points. The game also features its very own level editor inspired by the likes of Super Mario Maker and Pushmo, allowing gamers to create and share their own levels online after they are done with the levels included in the game.

4cr: Great! The first thing that comes to mind when checking out the trailer above is how Drop It: Block Paradise! reminds me of Blok Drop U from RCMADIAX. Care to explain this?

There is a very good reason for this – Drop It: Block Paradise! is actually a licensed BLOK DROP U game from RCMADIAX. I enjoyed my time building a BLOK DROP U map into my previous game, ZaciSa, so I set out to create my very own puzzle game and expand on the concept. Me and Mike from RCMADIAX have been friendly with each other since the start of the Wii U Developer program, so I reached out to him to see if I can create a game in BLOK DROP U’s style, and an agreement was reached.

Our thoughts? RCMADIAX’s Blok Drop U was an amazing indie game for Wii U that was simplistic yet complex at the same time.  And ZaciSa’s Last Stand in is a well done tower defense game. Personally, I am eager to see this game from Zenfa Productions and I have faith that this will be good.

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Here is a trailer below:








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