Zero Time Dilemma Review (Vita)

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Zero Escape is one of those series that demands attention. A game that shows the ways that visual novels can change gaming, it is one of the most unique series out there. While the series has only managed to have a cult following, the fan base is extremely devoted and it is their support that made this game happen.

The game takes the time hopping from the previous entry and furthers its use in this story. You will jump around in time in a non-linear way but it becomes easy to understand as you go on. The mechanic actually helps tie the story together much better in this game, by allowing you to understand it in greater detail and see it from multiple perspectives.

You will control 3 different teams as you play The Decision Game, and while it seems like your characters are just average Joes, you will find out that there is much more to them. I don’t want to give away story elements, as the story needs to be played to be really understood. Things will get out of hand fast and death does occur. That is safe to say and truly par for the course with the series.

The escape elements are better in this game than in the last one and the puzzle elements are the best in the series. The developers have gone all out and made some of the most difficult puzzles yet to test your mind. There are a diverse range of puzzles throughout the game and while some are utterly bizarre, most end up being clever and fun. This is a thinking person’s series after all.

The game does have a major flaw though. The presentation is off. The voice acting, visuals and audio in general are all sub par when compared to the previous games in the series. It feels like the developers wanted to try something new but did not implement it well.

Do I think you should buy this? Even with the presentation flaws, yes I do. The game is good and surpasses its flaws.

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