A Beautiful Journey – Pankapu Review
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Platformer adventure games are very common to see among indie games, but it is so rare that a game manages to catch my attention with its beauty and storytelling done well. Pankapu is one of these rare games, as it has an extremely beautiful art style combined with excellent gameplay that tells a story well.  It starts off slow but once it finds its footing, it becomes a truly amazing experience.


Pankapu is a game almost like a fairytale, which fits the game’s nature. It is whimsical and charming but not without action. There are items to collect and enemies to fight but what I liked the best is how the game makes its world and setting a character in its own right. Everything feels connected even level to level, which is the mark of good storytelling. The gameplay is an excellent non linear level based platformer that knows how to use its action well. the game teaches you quickly how to play and it all feels natural.

It is not all perfect, as there is some frame rate stuttering when played in docked mode, that I did not notice in handheld mode. As well, while HD rumble was used, I do not feel it was used to the best effect that it could have been. That being said, this did not stop me from enjoying Pankapu in any way, and I felt it was a truly engrossing experience. As the story progressed, I found myself enjoying it more and more, and I feel that Pankapu might be a good example of story being told through immersion in gaming. There is a good balance of action with the storytelling though, and that helps elevate the game to a higher level.

I feel Pankapu is a game that more should check out because words simply do not do it justice. This is a good one.





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